28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

4. Georgia’s Southern hospitality

After being denied permission to go to the restroom, some guy pissed into a bottle and left it on his desk. He told his teacher it was Gatorade and asked her if she wanted some.

5. You get a cumshot! You get a cumshot! You get a cumshot! Everyone gets a cumshot!

This one kid at my school had apparently been storing his cum for months in water bottles that he kept in his locker. Near the end of the year during one of the passing periods he brought out the cumbottles, pulled off the caps, and proceeded to sling them around effectively striking everyone in the hallway with aged locker cum. I was lucky enough to get hit in the arm. I have contemplated cutting it off.

6. This happened in Northern Michigan

A guy in one of my classes cut a hole through his sweatshirt pocket and jerked off through it during class.

7. There’s something about Anne

Once in school, I believe we were around 12-13 (to avoid the nasty confusion of forms and years and grades), we were watching a documentary on the Holocaust. A girl in the back of the room screamed in disgust. The film was pretty graphic so we all expected that to be the source and I remember initially being annoyed at her reaction. Then a guy sitting perpendicular to her (we were around circular tables) also screams out of pain, gets up, and runs out of the room with his cock through the zipper of his trousers.

He had been facing the screen whilst everyone else at his circular table effectively had to turn away to see. He evidently thought a Holocaust film was the perfect time to masturbate, he got caught, and in a panic tried to zip his trousers back up and got caught.


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