28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

27. The best coming out story

In high school, a friend decided to drink orange juice and vodka at lunch. He got so sick in class he threw up all over the teacher desk and another student. I took him to the bathroom to clean up and that’s when, while crying, he told me he was gay.

28. What kind of school is this?

It wasn’t so much a single event as an entire system.

Our school had a lot of rich kids with more money than sense so that was the genesis of a lot of problems. We had our own black market and while you could get things like drugs and alcohol (rather easily too) there were loads more things you could buy if you had the money.

Just from memory:

  • Test answers
  • Fake IDs
  • Prepaid cell phones (they were banned by the school)
  • Personal information of students and teachers
  • School supplies (that was my area of specialty)
  • Sexual favors (to a limited degree)
  • Cigarettes
  • Forged report cards
  • Fake designer clothing and accessories
  • Candy (the school sold it but we’d sell it for cheaper)
  • Soda (banned by the school, purchasing and possession)
  • Computer hardware/software
  • Spices

There were a bunch of us that would sell anything we could and it continually amazed me that you could, with enough money, buy pretty much anything you wanted. Oddly enough, guns were pretty much the only thing you couldn’t get. This was a constant source of debate as to why but most people I talked to wouldn’t because it was extremely high risk and just nobody really wanted them.

I was involved in a somewhat limited way but I got to know a lot of the people who kept it running. In my freshman year, I’d steal school supplies from teachers I didn’t like (that’s when I learned how to jimmy supply cabinet locks) and then sell them to other students. 25 cents for a pencil sounds like chump change until you got to test day and the student store would sell you one for 50 and you weren’t allowed to loan them to people. The taggers bought markers religiously, I made a lot of money off those guys which was ridiculous in my mind because I’d charge $5 for a Sharpie they could have bought at OfficeDepot for 50 cents. Later on I’d pay people who’d stolen supplies and resell them at a profit.

The fake ID’s guy (yes, we had one guy who did them) was a fucking mastermind. Our graphic arts teacher was either stoned half the time or ogling female students the other half so he gave absolutely no fucks about locking up his room. He’d disappear for several hours and our ID merchant would go in and create fake ID’s from scratch, lamination and all, that were pretty damn convincing. He even somehow managed to get the shiny background down for our state ID’s at the time, if you paid extra of course. No idea where that guy is now but he had a gift.


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