28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

What is wrong with kids today? Get ready to get disgusted (and more, via this Reddit thread here).

1. California, not Florida. Surprised?

Get a handjob in class. He got caught and said he was masturbating to save the girl from getting in trouble and he got suspended. This was in 8th grade.

2. This was sophomore year

I watched one of my buddies back in sophomore year take out a little bag of white-ish powder that had a yellow tint to it. I asked him what he was doing as he made a small line on the desk in the back of the classroom where we sat and he quickly sniffed it up his nostril. He let out a loud “WOOOOO” as he finished the line and the whole class turned around and looked at us. turns out it was Ketamine.

3. Note on résumé: Will masturbate at anytime

Masturbating in the corner of the library to a magazine with a picture of Beyonce on the front. During a silent reading lesson with 30 other kids in the room.


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