40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

19. nellson13

I go to college in northern Minnesota (Duluth). While there, I met one of my best friends, let’s call him J. J’s brother (M) and roommate (N) live about two hours south of where we go to school, in Minneapolis. One weekend, me and J decided to go visit the two of them, because they’re both 21 and have some pull in the city, so they could get us into bars. We get down there on Friday afternoon, and they say instead of going out tonight, we’re gonna investigate some paranormal stuff at a house their buddy just bought (Apparently, they’re huge into ghosts). So it’s like 2 or 3 on Saturday morning, and we head over to this house. Me, J, M, and N all head into this guy’s basement; crawl space, rather. M pulls out this ouija board and we all sit on the ground and place our hands on the piece. N asks, ‘Are there any spirits with us right now?’ The board answers, ‘Yes.’ He asks, ‘How many?’ It answers, ‘1.’ I ask, ‘What’s your name?’ It answers, ‘N A L A.’ ‘Nala.’ We all are extremely creeped out at this point, so we decide to call it quits, because it was working too well, and we had no idea what we were in for. We pack our things up and leave for M & N’s apartment.

So we leave my friend’s brother’s friend’s house, and go back to my friend’s brother’s apartment (still following?). At this point, it’s about 4:30 in the morning, and J’s brother (M, just making sure), has gone to bed. The only three people awake, are me, J, and M’s roommate N. We decide (bad idea, in hindsight), to get the ouija board back out. We sit at their dining room table, place our hands on the piece, and N asks, ‘Are there any spirits here with us?’ It answers, ‘yes.’ I ask, ‘How many?’ It says, ‘1.’ We ask its name, and it says nothing. So we start asking questions about us to see how legitimate all this is. N asks, ‘How many people using this Ouija board right now live in this apartment?’ It answers, ‘1,’ which is correct. I ask, ‘Where are me and J from?’ It answers, ‘Duluth.’ Now we’re getting a little freaked out, so we make the questions tougher.

Having never met N before, me and J took our hands off the piece and had N ask it questions about the two of us, because there’d be no way to fake it. I go first, and I have N ask the names of my two best high school friends (This is where it gets weird, stay with me). The board answers, ‘M W & T B.’ N has never met them, I never told him anything, but the board got it completely right. J’s turn; same question. It answers ‘G F & D M.’ Totally correct. N gets up from the table, me and J sit down, and ask the same question for a third time, about N’s best friends. ‘W,’ it answers, right, of course. So now we’re getting very freaked out. We decide to make the questions a little tougher. We have N use the board by himself again, and he asks a complex question about our group of friends in college. ‘In C & J’s group of friends, what’s the name of the kid who thinks everyone likes him, but really, nobody can stand him. It answers, ‘T H.’ Nailed it. There’s no pauses between question and answer, no spelling errors, it’s too god damn real.

So we take it to the toughest level we know how to, by writing down something on a piece of paper in a different room, and asking the board about that. J goes first, me and N are at the table. I say, ‘J is in the bathroom writing down a number on a piece of paper. Go in, find out what it is, then come back and tell us.’ Something’s different this time. There’s no immediate answer, as if the spirit itself is going into the bathroom to find out. Another thing to add. M and N have two of the most timid dogs I’ve ever met. When the ‘spirit’ went into the bathroom, the dogs ran in there and started raising hell so loudly at J. It was unbelievable. After a few more seconds, the board answers, ‘7.’ J brings the paper out. 7. We’re shaking now. It’s my turn. I go in and write a letter down. They ask the question. Same thing; not immediate, the dogs start to attack me. The board answers. ‘K.’ I bring my paper out. K. 2 for 2. This is getting too real. N goes in the bathroom, writing down a letter/number combo. Same thing for a third time. The board answers, ‘R4.’ N reveals, R4. Finally, we’re getting too scared. We ask, ‘Who are you?’ The board answers, ‘ N A L A.’ Nala. We realize it’s the same spirit from before. N asks, ‘Did you follow us from my friend’s house from before?’ The board answers, ‘Goodbye.’

Do not stare at this image.
Do not stare at this image.

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