40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

15. Rolad

More than once as a child I heard my name being called when no one was around at home. It scared me so much I never really told anyone, but recently my parents made jokes about our old home (now demolished) being haunted because of all the strange noises they would hear at night. I consider myself a rational person and don’t believe in the supernatural, but remembering this really puts me on edge.

16. [deleted]

When I was 12-13, I was sitting on the top of my stairs reading. It was quiet in the house, my Mum was in her room reading as well and my dad and brother were not home. It was a bright, sunny spring day out.

In winter, my grandma had passed from cancer. It was painful, but it was her time and our family had been moving on well. My only regret is that I did not get to say a proper goodbye. I was too young and I had not experienced death yet, so I couldn’t really grasp the situation and couldn’t fathom saying goodbye.

When I sat on those stairs, I heard someone talking to me. It was in a British accent, and my grandma was an immigrant to Canada from England in the 1960s. “Hello jesustitties, how are you?” and a huge conversation broke out. For twenty minutes, I talked with this woman without lifting my head from my book. I never got up to see who I was talking to, I just accepted that I was now talking and I did so. I didn’t feel anything, like I was numb for those 20 minutes.

We discussed my school, life, goals, friends. And after a while, she said “well it was nice to see you again. goodbye” And I said goodbye as well. And that was it. Silence. I sprung up to realize no one was there, that I was talking to no one. It couldn’t have been in my head. I heard the echo of the sound bouncing in the stairwell that I was sitting in, I heard the voice move around, I heard footsteps and movement.

But no one was there. No one was ever there. My mum was still in her room. I went from calm, to curious to terrified in seconds. I let out a huge scream, freaked out and ran into my room too scared to leave again. Well, until dinner time of course.

I still to this day believe that my grandma visited me and gave me the chance to give her a proper reply. But I’m not scared to remember this, it doesn’t give me chills. To remember the moment actually calms me and makes me feel better. I know there is a rational explanation out there, and that I likely just fell asleep and dreamed, but I’m much more at peace with the supernatural reason.

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