40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

11. sexykitty

My best friend passed away almost 6 years ago. A few weeks before she passed we were hanging out at her place, smoking and watching movies. I was using a mini purple bic lighter (purple being my favorite color, as well as hers). She took my lighter and when I asked for it back, she said I could have it when she was done with it. Every time I saw her after that I’d ask her if she was done with it and she would still refuse to give it back.

She was from Illinois, and we were living in Florida. When she died, some mutual friend’s, my 2.5 yr old son and I drove up to her hometown for the funeral, and we spent almost two weeks up there, visiting with her family, going to all her favorite places around town, saying our goodbyes. They day before we were leaving to come back home, I wanted to go back to the cemetery one more time, since I knew it would be a while before I’d be able to come back. I had my son with me. We parked the stroller, I sat there and talked to her while my son ran around playing. I spent maybe an hour just sitting there, talking. It was time to go, so I put my son back in the stroller and as I went to stick the diaper bag back in the storage compartment underneath, something purple caught my eye. I reached in to see what it was, and my breath caught in my chest, as I pulled back my hand and was holding my purple lighter. It was most definitely not there upon my arrival to the cemetery, yet here it was, laying in my hand. I started crying all over again. She had always said I could have it back when she was done with it and apparently was true to her word.

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