40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

31. Iwasseriousface

I expect everyone to think I am insane, but that’s okay. In high school, I had a really strange dream. I was in a bright room, with a large group of people. I didn’t recognize any of them, except for my best friend, who was sitting across from me. We were playing cards, but I had no idea what the game was. I vaguely remember figuring out that it was a poker game, but I wasn’t familiar with it. The last hand that I played before I woke up, there was a huge pile of chips in the middle of the table. I had a king of diamonds and a queen of spades. I played the hand normally, and everyone showed their cards at the end because it wound up being a situation like Casino Royale, where everyone had crazy hands. I woke up feeling confused about why I had such detail in a dream about something so mundane, as my dreams are usually pretty blurry.

Five years later I was in college, playing Texas Hold ‘Em with my friends getting drunk, as we did from time to time. We were playing in a room we didn’t normally play in because we had more people than usual. The cards come out, and I had a king of diamonds and a queen of spades. Slowly wheels start turning and I get an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

Apparently I looked like I was shitting bricks because someone asked me what was wrong. I announced that I felt like I had been here already. My friends were evenly split amongst non-believers and Christians. The Christians disregarded what I was experiencing as a fluke and scoffed. The non-believers were generally skeptical as well, and they started mocking me. I told everyone to put their cards back on the table, and then proceeded to predict all 10 sets of pocket cards, including suit. I then announced what the burn cards were, as well as the flop, turn, and river.

And I was right, on every single card. I stopped playing cards for a while after that, and I started having serious anxiety issues because I kept having dreams about mundane things, and then dying.

32. Kat_Angstrom

Delivering flyers with my parents, maybe 7-years old. One weekend, did someone else’s neighbourhood for a little extra cash and ended up in a beautiful street I’d never seen before. One whole side of the road was thick forest with the biggest trees I’d ever seen, the other side was upper-middle class houses gently sloping up a hill to a dead end. But it was the forest that caught my eye.

Threw the flyers onto the ground and explored the woods for about five minutes, following a trail, until the folks call and we move to the next street, and the next, and the next after.

I asked my folks where that street was with the forest so I could bike to it, as it was pretty close to my house. They had no idea what I was talking about. Lived in that area for the next 10+ years and knew every corner of it, but never found that street again.

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