40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

30. Owone

Was visiting my friend who lived in the states (english dutch here), and went to a party one night in a place i can only describe as bum fuck nowhere. I wasn’t drinking for antibiotical purposes so I was the designated driver for the night. no big deal, Americans drive automatics, it’s not even driving really.

So as we’re about to leave some of the others at the party ask us which way we’re going to be going home, and my friends says whichever what way was the way we were going home. To which they all reply you should probably go the longer way, but we weren’t having any of it. They then told us to at least not stop until civilization. Slightly curious as to what was going on I turned to my buddy and asked what that was all about, to which he replied don’t worry. I didn’t not worry, but we left all the same.

Driving along this winding road, trees either side and no real lighting asides from what was coming from our car, the tarmaced road was full of potholes and was wide enough for the one car. If and when another did pass, both cars would be off the road if you catch my drift.

So as we round this corner, we see this thing lying across the width of the road I slow down to get a better look, and can see that it’s a person. Worried it might be dead, or bleeding or something I slow down next to it, when my friend tells me don’t stop drive around. The way he uttered those words sent chills down my spine. So without saying a word I maneuvered the car off the road, through the ditch and around the lifeless body. As we pull off and check in the rear view mirror, the body sits up, stares at the car, as 4 or 5 other people come out of the bushes staring at us as we drive off, stupidly fast for such a small road.

Later learned they weren’t spirits or ghosts or yeti’s, but modern day highway men. Still scares the shit out of me.

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