40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

20. jane_fonda

The same name always pops up whenever I’ve used an ouija board or someone within the same house uses a ouija board without me. Didn’t freak me out at first, until one day my little sister mentioned it. I was in my room one night just watching tv and my sister got home from a sleepover. She immediately walked into my room and said “So whos Jack? (lets call him Jack)” It freaked me out because I had never told her about it. Her and her friends had used an ouija board the night before and ‘Jack’ was the one who answered. He said he knew me, and told my sister he had met me when I was 6. He then said we finally spoke a year ago. He gave her the address of the house and the names of all the people involved the first night I used an ouija board. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about because I was scared as hell and I didn’t want her to freak out too.

21. Radiant_Radius

When I was in college, one morning I walked out to my car and there was an unopened 40 of Old English sitting in the passenger seat. I hadn’t put it there. The windows were rolled up and the doors were locked. I was the only one with a key to my car, and I hadn’t given it to anyone. My roommates were both out of town. No explanation was ever proffered by anyone.

I told my friends about it and we chalked it up to “The 40 Fairy”. Of course I drank it.

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