Why Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Up At 4am

ENFP: They had a GENIUS new idea for their next adventure around midnight – and now they’re up booking plane tickets and attempting to teach themselves Mandarin.

INFP: They were reading the BEST BOOK and they were only 300 pages away from the end…

ENTP: They’re experimenting with the four-hour-a-day sleep schedule, which they definitely will not forget all about in two days.

INTP: They go to bed at 11am and wake up at 9pm every day, this is perfectly normal for them.

INFJ: Someone they loved needed to talk.

ESFP: They’ve been out all night. Everyone knows nothing good ever happens before at least 3am.

ENTJ: They get up at 4am every day, in order to get in a two-hour workout, have a balanced breakfast and still be the first one in at the office.

ENFJ: They’re volunteering for a crisis hotline that stays open all night.

ISFP: They only ever feel creatively inspired after midnight – which means their best art projects are often products of being awake at 4am.

ESFJ: They’re entertaining guests and have woken up four hours before everyone else in order to prepare a surprise breakfast buffet.

ISFJ: They have a test/presentation tomorrow morning and their mind has been up taunting them with worst-case scenarios since they tried to go to bed at 10pm.

ESTP: They’re pulling a hilarious prank on someone that could only be pulled off in the middle of the night.

INTJ: They’re trying out a new sleep schedule where they go to bed at 8pm and get up at 4am every day, in order to have a couple of quiet hours to meditate and read before their day begins.

ESTJ: They already got their allotted four hours of sleep. Everyone knows that sleep is for the weak.

ISTJ: They volunteered to work the night shift at work, because everyone else refused to and somebody had to do it.

ISTP: 4am is the only time they can get some damn peace and quiet.