The Definition of Heaven for Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

They say that one man’s hell is another man’s heaven and that couldn’t be more true for the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types. Now that we know what hell looks like to each type, it’s time to turn the tables and consider what each type finds positively heavenly.

ESFP: A world in which they’re super-celebrities who can instantly date or befriend whomever they wish.

ISFJ: A world in which the health, safety and happiness of everyone they love is guaranteed.

ESFJ: A world without conflict, in which everyone appreciates each other’s strengths and works together in harmony.

ISFP: A world in which they can earn a stable income from their creative endeavour of choice and have unlimited freedom to pursue it.

INFP: A world that is devoid of injustice or suffering for those who don’t deserve it.

ENFP: A world in which all adventures are open to them and everyone they love is eager to come along.

ENFJ: A world in which everyone listens to their counsel and is infinitely happier as a result.

INFJ: A world that is devoid of corruption – in which other people finally understand and accept them.

INTJ: A world that automatically adapts to every new realization they have about how things ought to work, without them having to implement a thing.

ENTJ: A world in which they are the all-powerful rulers of everything.

INTP: A world in which nobody is ignorant about any major issue and everybody thinks carefully before they speak.

ENTP: A world in which they have a thousand minions at their disposal to carry out any plan or invention they dream up – but of course, they get the credit for it all.

ISTJ: A world in which all the rules are followed by everyone and they are left alone to pursue their own interests.

ESTJ: A world in which they’re powerful, have achieved a high social status and own a variety of expensive toys.

ISTP: A world in which they’re left the hell alone to tinker with things and work on new projects.

ESTP: A world in which they’re exempt from all laws and formal procedures and can directly take action on everything they want.