The Myers-Briggs Types And Whether Or Not They Need A Hug

Trinity Kubassek
Trinity Kubassek

ENTP: Definitely needs a hug but will never admit it.

ENTJ: Can live without a hug but wouldn’t turn one down.

INTJ: Needs a hug, but doesn’t know they need a hug.

INTP: Is in equal parts terrified of and desperate for a hug.

ESTP: Always down for a bear hug, but has probably already had one today.

ISTP: Needs a hug but will never initiate one.

ESTJ: Will initiate a hug on their own terms, thank you very much.

ISTJ: Will secretly melt inside if hugged.

ESFJ: Is the one providing all of the hugs.

ISFJ: Very much wants a hug but doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable? So like, only if you want a hug?


ISFP: May flinch with surprise upon contact, but wants a hug.

INFP: Needs a hug. Wants a hug. Not going to initiate the hug.

ENFP: Needs a hug. Wants a hug. Is probably currently hugging you.

INFJ: Wait, does someone else need a hug?! Okay!

ENFJ: IS BUSY ASSEMBLING EVERYONE FOR A GROUP HUG, because that is clearly what needs to go down here. TC mark

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