Life Is Inherently Meaningless, And Realizing That Will Set You Free

Life is meaningless so don’t waste it on things you never wanted. Go back to school and study that thing you love out of sheer interest. Drop out of school and go travel. Buy a cabin in the forest and hide yourself away in blissful solitude. Rent a shoebox apartment in New York City and never miss a second of action.

Life is meaningless so don’t bother withholding love. Kiss your object of affection. Ask that cute waiter out on a date. Fly across the world to tell someone that you still love them, even if you’re not sure that they’re going to say it back. Go out on a limb for your affections because at the end we all return to dust.

Life is meaningless so be hedonistic. Have that extra drink. Order dessert for dinner. Have sex with the bad boy or girl, because you want to. Every now and then, pop a party drug and stay up all night.

Life is meaningless so don’t be afraid to make light of it. Laugh at what’s not meant to be funny. Crack a joke when everything is aching. Let humor lighten the world up when it’s getting problematically dark because of everything is meaningless there’s no reason it can’t be hilarious.

Life is meaningless so don’t worry about making the wrong choice. There is no right or wrong path, so travel down whichever one you please. Stop at every viewpoint. Camp out wherever it feels right. Don’t spend a smidgeon of your time worrying about navigating, because all roads ultimately lead nowhere – so there’s no reason to not enjoy the trip.

Life is meaningless, which means there’s no reason not to love it. What you have is only yours while you have it. What is lost will always be beyond recovery. Life is meaningless which means you can let go. There was no other path you should have followed. There was no other life you should have lived.

Life is meaningless, which makes it so infinitely beautiful. Because when we do not have to mould and stretch and edit our existences to fit into the picture perfect frame, we are allowed to take simple joy in the experience of them. In letting things come when they come. In letting them go when they’re gone.

Because if everything ultimately means nothing, then we get to decide what means everything.

And it’s allowed to be the simple beauty of what we’ve had around us all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark