Here’s Why You’re So Obsessed With Myers-Briggs, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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You love exploring controversial theories and you love people. So did someone mention a CONTROVERSIAL THEORY ABOUT PEOPLE?! You’re there. And you’re delighted by the opportunity to examine why your mind functions so differently from other’s. Because let’s be serious, you’ve felt a tad bit crazy your whole life.


You love deepening your understanding of the self and the human psyche. The MBTI provides you with insights about the way your mind works AND it explains why you’ve felt so, well, different than everybody else for the majority of your life. Before, you just assumed you were alone in the emotional deep end. Now, you know there are a bunch of other INFPs down there with you. They’re just keeping quiet for the most part.


Your life’s mission is to understand others in order to help them – and the MBTI is practically a field guide for doing just that. By understanding what motivates, drives and comforts others, you’re able to work out how to approach and mentor people most effectively. Could you have dreamed up a better system?


You ache to understand those around you, yet you’ve always felt so, well, different from other people. The MBTI provides you with a brilliant tool for both understanding (and therefore managing) yourself in a superior manner, as well as understanding (and therefore interacting with) others in a more meaningful way. It simultaneously encompasses all the things you value most in life. Score.


You’re willing to give almost any controversial theory the time of day – and the MBTI qualifies as one of those theories. You’re both appalled and delighted by the opportunity to place something as chaotic as the human psyche into sixteen distinct categories. At the end of the day you think it’s probably not an all-encompassing system – but you’re willing to entertain the mental gymnastics of trying to fit everyone you know into it anyway.


Alright, you’ll admit it – you initially thought the MBTI was bullshit. It wasn’t until you took 85 different tests, studied the cognitive functions and carefully examined the MBTI’s origins that you were finally willing to accept it as a useful categorization system. You now find it helpful to understand which perceptions are coloring people’s understanding of the world. It helps you to have a logical system of reference for something as astoundingly illogical as people.


Knowledge is power. Knowledge of people is especially powerful. By understanding what is influencing and driving those around you, you’re able to gain a more comprehensive idea of whom you’re dealing with, both in your business and personal life. Which means you’re able to make more accurate predictions about their behaviors. Which means you’re able to make more reliable plans. And you’re all about those reliable long-term plans!


Your natural intellect is undeniable when it comes to just about any subject – except for people. People are largely a mystery to you, as it became clear to you early on in life that most of them think quite differently than you do. The MBTI provides you with a simple, no-nonsense guide to understanding the perceptions of others, AND it provides you with workable tips and tools for better communicating with them. It’s the ‘how-to’ manual on people that you always wanted but never got. Huzzah!


You’re a people-person, through and through. You want nothing more than to relate, inspire and help those around you, which means it helps you to understand them as best as you possibly can. And the MBTI is a fun, intellectual tool for doing just that. You love having one more trick up your sleeve that helps you to connect with and relate to others. Not that you needed a ton of help in that department!


You’ve always felt a little more sensitive than everyone around you – and you’ve always wondered exactly why that is. The MBTI provides you with a tool for understanding the minds of people who think vastly differently than you do – and to help you understand that just because someone’s approach is harsh, their intentions may still be pure. It helps you to see the best in others, and to appreciate the best in yourself, too.


Your dream is to be able to connect with and support the people around you as fully and completely as possible – but in order to do that, you first have to understand exactly what it is that those people need. The MBTI is like a giant cheat sheet, telling you how to support and care for everyone in your life. Which is basically your dream come true.


You’re all about memorizing the intricacies and details of what the people around you need in order to be happy – and the MBTI provides you with a whole new level of insight. By understanding how your loved ones’ minds function, you’re able to understand how to best cater your behavior to support them. And the better you can support them, the happier you are.


For the most part, you’re too busy living your life to worry much about personality systems. But you do appreciate a good, comprehensive system for understanding just about anything and the MBTI provides you with exactly that – a framework for making sense of people in a clear, no-nonsense manner.


For the most part, you’re more interested in how the world works than how people work. But, you ARE a fan of pretty much any internally consistent system – so the MBTI agrees with you in that respect. Plus, as an inferior Fe-user, it’s helpful for you to have a clear explanation of each type, so you can understand how to best relate to them (and how to not accidentally offend them).


Of all the types, you’re probably the most likely to use the MBTI in the workplace. You see it as a tool for helping yourself and your coworkers optimize their work performance, and to help you form successful teams. You may not have an intrinsic interest in the MBTI but you see and appreciate its applicability.


Of all the types, you may be the most resistant to the MBTI. That being said, you can appreciate its usefulness if you have a specific reason to employ it – perhaps to better understand a spouse or to work more efficiently with a team. As with anything, if it works, you see no reason not to use it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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