This Is What Triggers Your Anxiety Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type



Your anxiety is triggered when you feel as though you’re lacking options. Your strengths lie in the realm of the off-beat and unconventional – in navigating situations that require creative thinking and unique solutions. But when you’re denied the opportunity to do things your way, it’s a major source of distress for you. Feeling stuck in any situation is torturous, because your mind constantly perceives other options – whether you want it to or not.


Your anxiety is triggered when you have to behave in a way that is out of line with your values or desires. You crave internal peace above all else, and having to take a job or engage in a situation that is incongruent with your values messes with your inner equilibrium. Your anxiety riles up anytime your external options are limiting your ability to live your life with honestly and authentically.


Your anxiety is triggered when you feel helpless to provide for others. You live to aid those around you – which means you always have a variety of resources on hand to help provide for those in need. But when those resources are limited, or you aren’t able to discern what it is that your loved ones need, your stress level rises. When you aren’t able to give your loved ones what they need, you aren’t able to give yourself what you need – which is the knowledge that you’re making a difference for those you care about.


You’re the master of long-term planning – which means that nothing stresses you out quite like things not going according to plan. When an unexpected disaster strikes, every alarm bell in your mind starts sounding simultaneously. Now you have to re-evaluate your entire plan, without having adequate time to think through all possible courses of action to determine the best one – two concepts that stress you out immeasurably.


Your anxiety level rises any time you have to hand over the reigns to someone else. It’s not that you aren’t trusting, it’s just that you’re almost always more prepared than the people around you – which means it makes no sense for you to not be running the show. Anytime you aren’t in control, your blood pressure rises a little – because you know things will get done, they just probably won’t get done right.


Your anxiety is triggered when you are being held responsible for others. It’s not that you are incapable of leading or monitoring others – it’s just that you’d quite adamantly rather not. You need more independence and space than almost any other personality type – and as long as someone else is relying on you to contribute significantly to their well-being, your independence is being impeded on.


Your anxiety levels rise when you’re unable to extract what you need from your environment (be this affection, attention, a job opportunity or a physical need). You’re the master of thinking on your feet and going for things directly – so when your direct approach doesn’t work, you start to panic internally. There’s nothing more frustrating to you than seeing what you want sitting RIGHT THERE and being unable to have it.


Your anxiety levels rise when you’re put on the spot in a situation that you’re unable to prepare for. You’re the master of thinking ahead and making sure you’ve planned for what’s coming – so a situation that forces you to improvise or play it by ear is incredibly stressful for you. You aren’t a fan of careless mistakes – and it makes your blood pressure rise immensely when you’re put in a position to possibly make one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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