10 Micro-Signs That Your Life Is About To Take A Turn For The Better

So your life has been a little monotonous for a long time now. So you’re struggling to figure out what comes next. So some days, you feel *this close* to giving up on your dreams altogether. But hold on. Chances are, you’re a whole lot closer to that Big Change you need than you think you are. Here are ten (often overlooked) signs that your life is on the verge of taking a turn for the better.


1. You feel lost.

Being lost means you’re no longer clinging to a life that’s devoid of meaning – you’re struggling to forge a new path for yourself, even if that path isn’t crystal clear yet.

Being lost can perhaps be compared to the split second where you’ve let go of one monkey bar but have not yet grasped the next one – it’s terrifying and can feel like a free fall at the time, but in reality, it’s just a necessary component of moving forward.

2. You’ve been alone for a long time, and you’re growing tired of it.

You’ve spent a lot of time getting to know yourself as an independent agent – understanding what you want, what you’re capable of and what you have to give back to others. And the fact that you’re craving the company of others means you’re finally feeling ready to open yourself back up to people – to invest in others and to start building new relationships in a healthy way.

3. You’ve recently taken on a new challenge and failed at it.

Okay, so failure sucks. There’s no great way to sugarcoat it. But the fact that you’ve recently failed at a new endeavor goes to show that you’re trying for new things – instead of getting stuck in the same old habit patterns.

You’re branching out in new ways, which means you’re failing forward – and that’s a hell of a lot more productive than standing still.

4. You’re disappointed with yourself.

Self-love is wonderful, but sometimes self-love is (and should be) synonymous with tough love.

Being disappointed with yourself means you’re refusing to see yourself as a victim – you’re recognizing the ways in which you could improve and understanding that those opportunities for change lie within yourself, not outside of yourself. Which is the first step towards taking action on those opportunities.

5. You’re feeling disillusioned about relationships, success or other things you always assumed would make you happy.

So you finally found the love of your life, landed your dream job or curated the perfect living space and now you feel… vaguely empty inside? Congratulations! You’ve reached an important phase of your life – one that many people never arrive at.

It’s the phase where you realize that fulfillment isn’t just a matter of ticking off a series of arbitrary boxes. It’s a matter of realizing what really matters to you and living in accordance with that. And the dissatisfaction you’re feeling now is just the beginning of your opportunity to cultivate a life that revolves around what actually matters to you.

6. You’re working tirelessly at something that isn’t paying off (yet).

So you’ve been plugging away at a project or endeavor that just isn’t getting you anywhere – yet. But the fact that you’re still trying speaks volumes – you know that success isn’t an overnight occurrence and you’re persevering in a situation that others might easily give up in. And we all know that success lies on the other side of perseverance.

7. Your emotions are a little unpredictable.

You know what happens when you’re psychologically stable? Your mind stops pushing everything that could potentially be painful aside and you actually start feeling things. Like a healthy, functioning human being, who is mature enough to listen to what their emotions are trying to tell them.

8. You’re letting people in on your struggles.

The more pain we’re in, the more likely we are to push others away – fearing they’ll see us as weak or take on our burdens as their own. But when we start feeling capable of managing our struggles, we start talking more openly about them – and the more we do that, the more we open ourselves up to opportunities to solve them.

9. You’re taking advice selectively.

You’re open to guidance from others, but you’re no longer swayed by every Tom, Dick and Harry who claims he knows how to get you back on track. You’re recognizing what you need to be happy, and accepting advice from others only as it pertains to the life you know you want.

10. You’re really, really hungry for something that you don’t have yet.

Maybe there’s a big, empty hole in your life where close relationships should be. Maybe there’s a job that you desperately wish you were working. But one thing’s for sure – the people who get what they want out of life are the people who are really, really hungry for them.

And who refuse to stop trying unless and until their lives take a turn for the better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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