Here Is What Your Ex Still Misses About You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Here Is What Your Ex Still Misses About You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Nobody can get the wheels of their partner’s mind turning quite the way an INTJ can. When you break up with someone, they miss the alternate perspectives and intellectual depth that you brought to their life. It’s likely that nobody has challenged their thinking in quite the same way you did, and they miss the deep, drawn-out conversations they’d share with you. Something about every partner since you has left them feeling just a little intellectually underwhelmed.


It’s no secret that dating an ENTP is one of the most chaotic but exciting experiences anyone can undertake. Since you left their lives, your ex misses the intensity and adventure you brought to it every day. Nobody has forced them to think, pushed them to grow and led them outside of their comfort zone in quite the same way you used to, since you left. And if they’re being honest with themselves, they miss it like hell. Other partners pale in comparison to the energy you brought to their everyday lives.


In a world full of overly-dramatic daters, your exes miss the relaxed attitude and genuineness you brought to the relationship. Instead of focusing on petty day-to-day concerns, you opened up your ex’s world to new ways of thinking and doing just about everything. They miss the new perspectives you brought to their lives and the low-pressure attitude you applied to the relationship.


When you have an ENTJ on your side, you are always batting for the winning team – and your ex misses being on that team like hell. Never did they feel as secure, protected and vouched for as they did when they were with you. Your ex misses the confidence and capability you brought into their lives – nobody since has made them feel quite as secure as you did.


Let’s not beat around the bush – once you date an ESTP, everyone else you date seems boring. Your exes miss the crazy adventures you’d drag them along on, the goofy humor you’d bring to their everyday life and the capable attitude you’d use to tackle both their problems and your own. Nobody else has caught your ex off guard and swept them off their feet in quite the same way as you once did.


In a world full of high-maintenance lovers, your exes miss the laid-back attitude and genuineness you brought to the relationship. You mean everything you say to your partners, and it’s an incredibly refreshing trait. Since getting back in the dating game, your ex has been missing your no-nonsense attitude – everyone else seems to be highly invested in the games that you never opted to play.


Nobody will ever make their partners feel quite as cared for and protected as an ESTJ. Your exes miss the attentiveness and devotion you brought to the relationship – everything you did to pursue and keep them was deliberate and intentional. In a world full of flakey and inconsistent partners, your exes miss having you to lean and rely on.


In a dating culture that’s all but devoid of morality, your ex desperately misses the integrity and consistency you bring to your relationships. You treated them with the exact respect and devotion that everybody else in the dating scene seems to be lacking – and after every flakey date they go on, it’s you their mind ends up drifting back to.


Nobody – and I mean nobody – genuinely cares about your happiness and wellbeing the way an ISFJ partner does. Your ex may be moving on, but you can rest assured that at the end of every bad date and ambiguous hookup, it’s you who their mind drifts back to. They miss the strength, stability and comfort of being with you. You were attentive to their needs in a way that nobody else has been since the two of you broke up – and they miss that devotion like hell.


Dating an ESFJ means dating someone who will go to almost any measure to let you know how much you mean to them. Nobody has shown your ex quite the amount of care, patience and affection as you did since the two of you broke up. They miss the way you prioritized the hell out of them in a way that nobody else has since you broke up.


When an ISFP falls in love, the object of their affection becomes their muse and inspiration – and your ex misses the passion you brought to the relationship like hell. Nobody makes their partners quite feel as valued, adored and seen as an ISFP. You were the first one to compassionately respond to every problem that plagued them and they miss the mix of empathy and inspiration that you brought to their lives every day.


There’s nothing quite as exciting or validating as being with an ESFP. You were the light of your ex’s world and they miss the positivity and excitement you brought to their lives every day. Since the two of you broke up, they’ve yet to find anyone who shines quite as brightly as you do. And they miss that luminosity constantly.


Dating an ENFP guarantees that no two days are ever quite the same – and your exes miss the enthusiastic variety you’d bring to their day-to-day life. Since you parted ways, their life has lost the inexplicable sparkle that you always brought into it. Your positivity and inventiveness lit their world up – in a way that nobody since you has been able to match.


When an INFP loves you, you become both a muse and a work of art. Your ex misses the intensity, passion and depth that you brought to their lives. Nobody else has ever loved them with quite the ferocity that you did – and in a world full of superficial people, they miss your authenticity and depth something terrible.


Let’s be serious – you were your ex’s unofficial therapist. And nobody has been there to support and counsel them in quite the same way since the two of you broke up. Your ex desperately misses the warmth, strength and solidarity that you brought to their lives. With you, they were going into every battle with emotional backup. And when life gets them down, it’s still you they miss – no matter how long it’s been since you broke up.


You are one thoroughly complex human being – and everyone’s seemed shallow and uninteresting since you and your ex split up. You introduced your partners to a new way of thinking about just about everything – and since you did so, it’s been hard for them to go back to making small talk. No matter how interesting a new partner is, they never quite live up to the ways in which you challenged your ex intellectually. Thought Catalog Logo Mark