16 Signs That Your Heart Has Finally Healed And You’re Ready To Let Love Back In

 Bianca des Jardins
Bianca des Jardins

1. You aren’t bitter or annoyed when you pass happy couples on the street. You think it’s great that other people are finding each other, and you’re sure it’ll happen again for you when the timing’s right.

2. You don’t hate, miss or even wonder about your ex very much anymore. You hope they’re happy, but you’re not the same person who used to love them. Seeing them now would feel strange – like squeezing yourself into an article of clothing that you have outgrown.

3. The idea that you may not have a partner for a while isn’t depressing or scary to you. You’re enjoying doing your own thing and you’re excited about your future as it stands.

4. You’re actively working on bettering yourself – but for your own sake. You aren’t trying to fit into someone else’s ideal as to how you should look or behave. You’re gunning toward self-improvement, but it’s a form of self-improvement that happens on your own terms.

5. You’re genuinely open to meeting new people. You aren’t busy comparing every new date to your ex or stressing out about where each hangout is headed. You’re enjoying the process of getting to know people for the simple sake of getting to know them – without any hidden agenda.

6. You no longer identify as ‘guarded.’ You’ve worked through the pain and the trust issues that accompanied the end of your last relationship, no matter how difficult they were to face. You’re ready to move into the next phase of your life with a little less emotional baggage – because you’ve taken the time to unpack it all yourself.

7. You know what you want from a relationship. Whether it’s a long-term commitment or a casual fling, you are assertive about what you’re looking for and you aren’t afraid to let partners know that. You aren’t interested in being taken advantage of, and you also aren’t out to take advantage of others.

8. You aren’t afraid to take the first move when it comes to building relationships. You’re in a good place yourself, so the possibility of rejection doesn’t faze you like it used to. You know who you want in your life and if they don’t feel the same way, it’s nothing you will not survive!

9. You are able to laugh at your own romantic misadventures. Your love life isn’t the center of your Universe so you’re able to treat it lightheartedly when need be. Not every bad date is a tragedy – some of them are straight-up comedic gold.

10. You no longer approach dating with a laundry list of expectations. You have preferences, sure, but you’re open to meeting different types of people and letting yourself be surprised. You’ve been around long enough to know that love doesn’t follow any formula.

11. You are more excited about what you have to offer others than what others have to offer you. It’s nice to have somebody dote on you but you’re more excited about finding someone who shares your passions and interests than you are about finding someone who’ll spoil you rotten. You aren’t looking for a person who’ll complete your life – just someone who’s down to enjoy it with you.

12. You are okay with the thought of making a few compromises. You like your life and all that makes it up, but for the right person you’d shift some things around. You aren’t so set in your ways that you’re unable to make room for someone else.

13. Your life is filled to the brim with non-romantic love. You have friends, family and a community that you absolutely adore. You aren’t looking for a partner or a relationship to fill a void – you’re just looking to add to the awesomeness of what you already have.

14. You know where your own boundaries lie. You’ve both given and taken too much in the past and you’ve learned where your own happy medium is. You aren’t afraid to say ‘No’ when you mean no, just like you aren’t afraid to say ‘Yes’ when you want to say yes.

15. You genuinely enjoy your own company. You don’t waste time wishing someone else was accompanying you on your adventures – you are genuinely your own best friend and you know that wherever you’re headed in life, you’re taking your favorite person with you.

16. You’ve chilled the f*ck out about whether or not you are going to find love. When your last relationship ended, you felt desperate to fill the void – but that void has long since filled with other things you love and enjoy. Now, love might be a solid addition to your life but it’s not a necessity by any means. Your heart is functioning at full capacity and whatever happens next, it can handle.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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