The Real Reason We Fell Out Of Love

We fell in love because we each needed something
from the other,

Small reminders
That we were still good people
still cloaked with virtue
still alive and armed with
something to give

We fell in love because it had been
Quiet and haunted
in the recesses of our devotion
for too long,
Because we needed to brush the cobwebs off
Our aching, desperate hearts
Because we wanted to remember how to

We fell in love because we needed to believe that we could still be
Set aflame
That we were more than old collections
of outdated emotions,
preserved in the museums
that we kept
inside our ribcage

We fell in love because
we needed to know
we were still magic

And yet the moment that
the curtain dropped
the crowds dispersed
and the show halted and failed to go on,

we fell out.

And for two such skilled magicians,
you and I could not discover for the life of us
where our magic trick
had possibly gone wrong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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