Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type



You’re the partner-in-crime girlfriend. Whichever wild antic, adventurous trip or crazy idea your partner comes up with, you are not only on board for but are probably even more excited about than they are. You love the way you do everything else – passionately and without restraint. Your partner never has to question whether you love them, are invested in them or are down for the next big adventure. You are, and you’re probably more excited about all of it than they are.


You’re the passionate girlfriend. Nobody loves their partner as deeply, intensely and fully as an INFP. You want to know everything about the person you’re with – all of their fears, their desires and their deepest wounds. You strive to understand your partner as intimately as possible and to express that love through your words, your actions and your art. Nobody can turn the object of their affection into poetry, music or art quite the way an INFP can.


You’re the nurturing girlfriend. Nothing makes you happier than aiding in your loved ones’ development and growth – and this is particularly true when it comes to your romantic relationships. You will go to absolutely any lengths to ensure that your partner is thriving within the relationship. Their happiness truly is your happiness as well and romantic relationships bring out the natural counselor in you.


You’re the ride-or-die girlfriend. You don’t do casual relationships and when you choose to invest in someone, it’s because you see a future with them. Once you’ve made that commitment, you’ll stand by your partner come hell or high water. You make a point to understand your partner deeply and support them fully in everything they do. You see relationships as an exercise in teamwork and you’re ready to throw your all into making your team absolutely thrive.


You’re the has-their-shit-together girlfriend. You’re a strong-as-hell partner who needs a strong-as-hell companion to keep up. The men (or ladies) in your life know that you’re not messing around when it comes to dating – they have to shape up and show up if they want to impress you. Of course if they do, you’ll be as loyal as they come – you’re in it for the long haul and you need someone who isn’t afraid to say the same!


You’re the unwavering girlfriend. In a world full of partners who flake, freak out and fail to show up for their relationship, you’re someone your partner can rely on. When you’re committed to a relationship, you’re committed – there’s nothing you aren’t willing to do to make it work. You’re ready for an adult relationship in a world full of flakey daters and you refuse to settle for anything less than the same.


You’re the wild child girlfriend. Always the life of the party and the center of attention, you are not afraid to stir things up. Your SO knows that dating you means they’ll never be bored for a moment – you’ll have active social lives, active sex lives and active physical lives – every day with you will be a new adventure and they love you like crazy for it.


You’re the independent girlfriend. You need a lot of space to do your own thing, so you’re happiest dating other self-sustaining personalities. You’re always down to have fun but at the end of the day you feel most comfortable relying on yourself first and foremost. Partners admire your independence and know that you’re with them because you genuinely love them – not just because you want to be with someone!


You’re the badass girlfriend. You have a quick wit and a devil-may-care attitude – one that is ceaselessly attractive to those around you. Any potential partner of yours knows that they have to be willing to break the rules if they want to be with you – you move at lightening speed and you don’t wait around for anyone to catch up.


You’re the intellectual girlfriend. Books were the first love of your life and you’re not interested in dating anyone who doesn’t have a similar thirst for knowledge. Partners know that dating you means attending lectures, engaging in debates and committing themselves to continuous growth alongside you. You may not be a not a die-hard romantic, but you love with an unbeatable combination of mind and heart. And that’s some of the sexiest stuff out there.


You’re the powerhouse girlfriend. You’ve got your sh*t together and everyone who’s ever met you knows it. You aren’t investing in any flight risks, so potential partners have to either show the hell up to each date or get out. You plan to be half of a power couple if you’re going to enter into a relationship at all, and you’re willing to accept nothing less. You keep your standards high for partners because you keep your standards high for yourself.


You’re the girlfriend who challenges her partners. It’s not that you can’t be sweet, loving and supportive – it’s just that to you, being supportive means pushing both yourself and your partner to become the absolute best versions of yourselves. You are constantly presenting your loved ones with new ideas and pushing them to think about things in different ways. To you, love means mutual growth and development – and the right partner absolutely loves you for that.


You’re the death-do-us-part-girlfriend. Simply put, you’re marriage material. You know what you want from a relationship and you aren’t messing around when it comes to finding the person you can be happy with long-term. You invest 110% of yourself into romantic relationships and once you’ve met someone you can see a future with, there is nothing you won’t do to make it work.


You’re the old-fashioned girlfriend. It’s not that your style or your attitude is stuck in the past, it’s just that you believe in actual dating – you know, the way past generations did it. You’re looking for a genuine gentleman who isn’t afraid to pull out all of the stops to impress you. You give your absolute all to relationships, and you’re looking for someone who does the same. Chivalry and romance aren’t dead as long as you’re around!


You’re the sensitive girlfriend. You are highly in tune with your partner when it comes to all of their needs and desires – you take on his or her struggles as your own and are always aware of the relationship’s health. While being sensitive may be a struggle in some areas of your life, it’s your greatest strength within a relationship. You can always tell when something is off between you and your partner and you always dive right into fixing it.


You are the bombshell girlfriend. You’re charming, adventurous, outgoing and effortlessly in tune with your partner’s wants and needs. You’re the girl at the party who everyone wants to get to know, and the partner everyone is proud to be dating. You can charm the pants off just about anybody but you’re selective about who you actually invest in. Once you do commit to a relationship, you’re both as caring and as fun-loving as they come – and your partner can never get enough of you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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