How Myers-Briggs Personality Types Are Portrayed Online Vs. How They Are In Real Life



Online Description:
ENFPs are passionate, idea-generating revolutionists who inspire others through their fierce determination and spirit.

Real ENFP:
*Hides inside watching cat videos for literally days at a time.*


Online Description:
INFJs are wise and magical fortune-tellers who intuitively understand all the most complex mysteries of the Universe.

Real INFJ:
*Tries to analyze literally one thing.*
*Falls down the bottomless rabbit hole of over-thinking.*
*Gives up and watches TV.*


Online Description:
ENFJs are the revolutionary world leaders who mentor others towards great change and was probably your high school valedictorian.

Real ENFJ:
Wastes entire day trying to decipher the hidden meaning behind a friendly text message.


Online Description:
Eloquent, thoughtful poets who are sleep on a bed of roses and understand the greater meaning behind our existence.

Real INFP:
*Walks into a pole.*
“What the actual mother of fuck, who keeps putting these here.”


Online description:
INTPs are mad scientist geniuses and all of them are Albert Einstein.

Real INTP:
“What if Walruses could drive cars, haha lol”
*Spends three days designing an app that generates walrus memes*


Online Description:
Argumentative devil’s advocate who WILL NOT REST until every idea in the world has been thoroughly debated.

Real ENTP:
“Lol that person’s wrong.”
*Smokes a joint.*
*Shrugs it off.*


Online Description:
INTJs are the mastermind overlords who can see 500 years in the future and will eventually take over earth and all of its inhabitants.

Real INTJ:
*Spends four hours mapping out a route to the grocery store and still gets lost.*


Online Description:
ENTJs are cutthroat, competitive powerhouses who will stop at absolutely nothing to defeat and eliminate their opponents without remorse.

Real ENTJ:
Is literally the first person to help you when you’re in trouble.


Online Description:
ISTJs are serious, duty-oriented social servants who will not eat, sleep or rest until justice is delivered to the world as a whole.

Real ISTJ:
*Stays inside playing computer games for three straight days, hoping that nobody will notice their absence.*


Online Description:
Your micromanaging boss who only exists to professionally advance themselves and make your life a living hell.

Real ESTJ:
Just wants to get this freaking work day over with so they can grab a beer and chill out with their friends.


Online Description:
Daredevil badass who is probably off slacklining between mountain peaks while chugging a gallon of whiskey right now.

Real ISTP:
*Sees a text inviting them to go adventuring*
*Sits inside watching TV for three days*
Texts back “Nah”


Online Description:
Perma-wired adrenaline junkie who CANNOT LIVE without DRUGS SEX AND ROCK AND ROLL 24 hours/day.

Real ESTPs:
Probably has an advanced engineering degree and makes twice as much money as you do.


Online Description:
Sweet grandmother, whose sole reason for living is hugging and baking cookies for everyone they know.

Real ISFJ:
Would almost always rather be at home reading fanfic.


Online Description:
Gossipy girl whose goal in life is to get married, and who is probably your Mom.

Real ESFJ:
Some of the most sharp and motivated professionals you’ll ever meet.


Online Description:
Antisocial emo poets who refuse to talk to others because *nobody understands them* and that makes them want to cry.

Real ISFP:
Some of the friendliest and most fun-loving people you’ll ever meet.


Online Description:
Mindless party animal who has been drunk since the moment they were born.

Real ESFP:
Sharp, motivated, creative and probably understands you better than you understand yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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