The Privilege That Is Inherent To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

João Silas
João Silas

The other day, while discussing relationships with a close INFJ friend, I remarked offhandedly that “Anyone can make it work with anyone, really.”

My friend paused to consider this and then called me out on my generalization.

“I think that’s a statement that rings true for you,” She said, “But consider the fact that as an ENFP, you’re someone who is naturally skilled at seeing things from other peoples point of view and relating to their emotional experiences. For other people, neither of those things come naturally. And those people may be genuinely unable to relate to someone who thinks in a vastly different way than they do.”

She made a perfectly reasonable argument. And it was one that got me thinking.

There are many aspects of all of our personalities that we may not realize come more naturally to us than they do to others. While the Ti-dom is off wondering why everyone isn’t using the shortcut they’re using at work, the Fe-dom is busy wondering why the hell their Ti-coworker isn’t sharing their latest discovery with the team.

What is natural to the point of being obvious to one type is often completely and utterly unconsidered by another. Our natural methods of processing information often put us at a specific advantage that we are not always aware of – to the point where we can almost call our ability to consider information in a specific manner a privilege.

ENFP and ENTP: The ability to fathom a plethora of different solutions to any given problem.

Being a type that leads with extroverted intuition means that you are naturally able to tap into the wide scope of possibilities that exist in your external environment. While other types may get stuck in stagnancy and lack the ability to see a way out of the ruts that they get stuck in, you are naturally creative and adaptable. You can usually think of approximately fifty solutions to any given problem, which means you never stay helpless for long.

INTJ and INFJ: The ability to envision and consider multiple opposing points of view simultaneously.

Being a type that leads with introverted intuition means that you are naturally able to see and consider various different viewpoints simultaneously. While other types may struggle to understand things that are outside the scope of what they’ve been taught or what they believe, you are naturally adept at seeing where others are coming from and understanding how all different points of view all fit into a bigger picture. You can effortlessly consider multiple various perspectives and understand what’s behind them, which gives you the leg up on making the best of all possible decisions.

ESFJ and ENFJ: The ability to naturally understand the needs of a group and connect with others.

Being a type that leads with extroverted feeling means that you are naturally able to pick up on how others are feeling and what needs to be done in order to maintain interpersonal harmony. While many types struggle to relate to and work cohesively alongside others, this skill comes naturally to you. You are able to communicate effectively with those around you and understand how your actions have the potential to affect others. This makes you an excellent coworker, a reliable friend or family member and a natural leader in almost any situation.

ESFP and ESTP: The ability to think on your feet and react quickly and effectively to changing circumstances.

Being a type that leads with extroverted sensing means that you are naturally in tune with your environment and the possibilities that are immediately present within it. While other types require extensive amounts of time to mull things over before reacting to a change in circumstance, you are always quick to re-evaluate, pick out the best of all options that are available to you and directly pursue it. More often than not, you’re busy getting ahead while others are at home deliberating over their options.

ISFP and INFP: The ability to deeply understand the underlying causes and motivations behind human behavior.

Being a type that leads with introverted feeling means that you are able to understand emotional processes on a deep and intuitive level. While others are struggling to make sense of the seemingly illogical human behavior that drives relationships, politics, economics and just about everything else human beings engage in, you are able to take a step back and put yourself in others shoes with terrifying accuracy and clarity. Your understanding of the human condition is as impressive as it is effortless and it allows you to understand the truths and intricacies of the world in the ways that logic cannot explain.

ESTJ and ENTJ: The ability to clearly identify the most beneficial solution to a given problem and how to implement it.

Being a type that leads with extroverted thinking means that you are ceaselessly focused on results – and you are able to clearly evaluate various courses of action based on their potential outcomes. While other types are caught up in trying to decipher how they feel or which goals will launch them down which paths, you are able to quickly pinpoint which actions will lead to the the results that you want. This regularly puts you ahead of the game in terms of productivity and progression.

INTP and ISTP: The ability to pinpoint shortcuts that exist within systems and understand how you can manipulate those systems to your advantage.

Being a type that leads with introverted thinking means that you are constantly looking at the bigger picture of how things logically work in relation to one another. Consequently, you are also able to quickly pick up on potential shortcuts or hacks that exist within just about any logical system. While other types are busy plugging away at jobs and situations that are barely benefiting them, you are able to quickly see how you can manipulate a system to your advantage, and achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

ISTJ and ISFJ: The ability to naturally maintain your focus and work steadily towards goals.

Being a type that leads with introverted sensing means that you feel comfortable maintaining a routine that optimizes your productivity and moves you steadily toward your goals. While other types are growing restless and flaking halfway through projects or relationships, you aren’t afraid to stick it out to get to what matters. You find comfort in commitment and security, which means you naturally attract quality in every area of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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