I Want To Do Everything On Earth With You


I think we should get lost together.

We should pack our bags, head out in the dead of the night and hop a flight going to anywhere.

There is a run-down bar in Argentina where the locals stay up all night dancing – hands clasped tightly together and wine flowing freely from the bottle and I think that we should go there. I want to wind our way through the back alleys and side streets, lose ourselves into the chaos of the night and come out the other side recharged. I want to watch the sun rise on the streets of South America with your tired body settled in beside me and I want to let it feel like home.

I want to leave this all behind with you. I want to get rid of our cell phones, strap backpacks to our backs and head into the wilderness by your side. We can sleep beneath the artwork of the skies and keep our fire burning long into the night. I want to be at the core of it all with you; where the world has left us long ago and all we have pushing us forward is the strength of our bodies and hearts. I want to see who you are when you have nothing left to fall back on, because that is the person I can’t get enough of. That’s the person I could find myself falling in love with.

I want to re-discover the world with you – all the streets that I have already walked down, all the mountains I’ve already climbed. I want you to see every peak that I have conquered and swim down into all the depths you have discovered. I want to travel through the valleys of your pain and understand the badlands of your heart. I want to know you in a way that you can only know someone whom you have completely dismantled and discovered all the strength within their brokenness.

I want you to make me question everything. I want the foundations of the world as I knew it before you came along to shake and twist and crumble at my feet. I want the brilliance of your mind and the pureness of your heart to overtake me – to make me realize that there is so much I still do not know. So much I want to discover by your side.

I want to push boundaries with you – test the limits of how far and fast and free we could become once we decide that we can leave the world behind. I want to forget – for a moment – about right and wrong and fear and comfort and pain and excitement and just let it be. I want us to relax into whatever world we end up in. I want a whole world of our own.

I want to do everything on earth with you. I want to float down rivers, traverse deserts, scale mountains and submerge ourselves into the sea. I want to take on a lifetime worth of challenges alongside you but most of all, I want to come home to you.

I want to throw my bags at the door and our hearts at our feet and bury myself inside the sea of your bed sheets. I want to wake up with my hair tangled in between your fingers and your breath burning hot against my neck and your heart beating strong alongside mine because I’m starting to feel like having you to come home to could be the greatest adventure of all.

Because the truth is, for someone as tireless and restless as me,
you are the first person I’ve met in so long
who makes me feel like I don’t want to be anywhere else at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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