11 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An INTJ In Their Lives

INTJs are the rational, intellectual masterminds of the MBTI. This type is known for their sharp intellect and intense nature, but what they’re lesser known for is their deeply compassionate side, which makes them an excellent friend or partner. In case you don’t have an INTJ in your inner circle, here are 11 key reasons why you should.

Jake Melara
Jake Melara

1. They’ll push you to question things in an entirely unexpected way.

INTJs lead with a particular type of intuition that very few others can access. Just when you think that you’ve considered every angle from which you could possibly look at an issue, the INTJ will come up with a completely unforeseen idea that will force you to reexamine everything you thought you knew.

This type is an outside-the-box thinker and they aren’t afraid to challenge the way their loved ones look at things.

2. They’re eternally open to learning from and growing alongside you.

While INTJs may be stubborn when it comes to what they know, they’re also eternally open-minded when it comes to what they don’t know.

This type is ceaselessly interested in learning new things from those around them, and if your interests are thought provoking to them, they’ll make it a priority to continue to learn alongside you. You will forever have an intellectual peer in the INTJ.

3. They’ll be consistent and deliberate in maintaining their relationship with you.

INTJs don’t take any of their relationships lightly – be they friendships, romantic relationships or familial ties. This type is deliberate about maintaining contact with the people they care about and they’ll be the last of your friends to ever flake on you. Count on this type for consistency and long-term investment – so long as you reciprocate their efforts.

4. They’ll be honest and direct with you when you need it.

INTJs aren’t big on sugarcoating things. Though they may bite their tongue when necessary to maintain social graces, they aren’t afraid to tell you exactly how they see things when you ask for their honest opinion. This type will let you know directly when you need to smarten up and face the facts – and then they’ll help you develop a concrete plan for doing just that.

5. They’ll invest the time into getting to know you deeply.

INTJs are not interested in surface-level relationships. If they care enough to maintain a friendship or partnership with you, this type wants to learn as much as they can about what makes you tick. The INTJ will invest a large amount of energy into getting to know you and will place particular care into catering to your preferences and interests – this type is infinitely more considerate than they tend to be given credit for.

6. They won’t let you get away with any bullshit.

The INTJ is more than capable of biting their tongue when need be, but when it comes to the people close to them they are on constant bullshit patrol. This type isn’t interested in letting you get away with lying to them, yourself or those around you. They’ll catch you in your lies and call you out for them – and this is an underrated quality to have in a friend or partner.

7. They’ll help you organize and optimize your life.

The INTJ is the first person you’ll want to go to if you’re struggling to keep yourself organized or in check. This type takes pleasure in helping the people they love achieve their full potential – which means that if you’re struggling or flailing, they’ll be more than happy to help you get your shit together (and keep it that way).

8. They’ll put deliberate effort into continuously improving your relationship.

INTJs strive for constant improvement – and this concept very much applies to their personal relationships. This type often mulls over how to ameliorate and build upon the relationships they already have, in order to make them a happier and healthier place for both parties.

Though they may not be the lofty romantics or most physically affectionate friends, INTJs are highly likely to take any feedback you give them about improving your relationship to heart and to apply it as thoroughly as possible.

9. They’ll always leave you with something new to think about.

Intellectually speaking, there’s never a dull moment with the INTJ personality. This type is constantly learning and considering new points of view – which they’re more than happy to share with the people they care about. This type will keep you inspired to continue learning, questioning and examining the world around you in completely unprecedented ways, for as long as you know them.

10. They’re as reliable as friends or partners come.

If there’s anything you can call an INTJ, it’s reliable. This type takes their commitments incredibly seriously and you can always depend on them to show up when they say they will and keep the commitments they’ve dedicated themselves too. This type isn’t one to change their minds or turn their backs on you on a whim. If they say they’ll be there for something or someone, they will. No questions asked.

11. If they care about you, they’ll truly go to the ends of the earth to help you.

Though the INTJ may appear cold and calculating on the outside, they care incredibly deeply about the people they love. Most members of this type would take a bullet for the small circle of people they’re invested in. And if you manage to make your way into that circle, you’ll be surprised to find that the INTJ personality is one of the most caring and compassionate ones you’ll ever encounter. And you’ll be endlessly glad to have let them into your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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