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Let’s Talk About How Good Things Come To An End

Let’s talk about how seasons change;
how ice thaws
and autumn leaves fall
and even flowers only blossom for one season each year
but their brevity doesn’t make their presence
any less beautiful or real.

Let’s talk about stars
and how they all eventually die,
trailing their imprint through the night sky
for years after they’re gone
And yet their death doesn’t make the light they once gave off
any less powerful or pure.

Let’s talk about stories,
How they rise and climax and fall, leaving us trembling insatiably for more
and yet every novel has a last page and every movie
has a scene with closing credits and it is widely concluded that the end
of a very good story
doesn’t detract from the message it sends.

And then let’s talk about love
and how it doesn’t always get to last forever
Because sometimes it thaws
or flickers out
or reaches its climax,
then concludes

And yet, much like the seasons
and the stars
and the stories that exist all around it, love’s end doesn’t make its presence any less brilliant
or powerful
or real.

The truth is, nothing in nature lasts forever
and all living things eventually die
And so maybe love’s stark disintegration doesn’t always mean it was a failure
so much as just another force of nature

That leaves its imprint for years after it’s gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark