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Here’s What To Get Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day Based On Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present is never an easy feat. Which is why this year, we’re teaming up with eBay to help you find you the perfect gift for your significant other. Whether you’re shopping for a starry-eyed idealist or a down-to-earth realist, we’ve got you covered. Just discover your partner’s Myers-Briggs personality type, and then check out what to get them below!


Crosley Portable Vintage Record Player

Record player

What do you get for the person who has infinitely cooler taste than you do when it comes to pretty much everything? Something classic, unconventional and timeless, of course. Pick up this portable, vintage record player to surprise and delight the ISFP in your life. Make sure you include a few records that are either significant to the two of you, or that you can honestly claim remind you of them. The ISFP loves gifts that are unique and unexpected but also personal – and music provides the ultimate personal experience for this type.


Giorgio Armani Leather Wallet


Your INTP isn’t interested in collecting novelty gifts that they’re just going to throw out two months down the road. So this Valentine’s day, invest in a high-quality upgrade of something they actually use every day – like a wallet. As unsexy as this gift may seem to you, the INTP will appreciate that you respect their practical nature. To them, useful gifts are the most romantic gifts of all.


 Yukon Outfitter’s Nylon Parachute Hammock


Your ISTP may love you to the moon and back but they are always going to have a wildly independent streak – and showing them that you respect that is sexy. Pick them up this versatile hammock that can either be packed up to use on a solo trip or strung up between two trees to cuddle up in on a lazy afternoon. You’re buying them freedom and yourself a great place to relax.

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