How Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Likes To Fall In Love


ENFP: Intensely, excitedly and passionately.

ENFPs dive headfirst into almost everything they do and that includes falling in love. Though this enthusiastic type can force themselves to take things slowly, they’d much rather be rushing eagerly into whichever new relationship strikes their fancy – and experiencing it full-force, no holds barred. They want to know the all of a person, as quickly, intensely and passionately as possible.

INFP: Grandly, deeply and romantically.

INFPs aren’t always the quickest to act on their emotions but they are certainly the quickest to feel them. This type experiences a rich, vivid inner world that includes a deep sense of passion for whomever strikes their fancy. They dream of grand, romantic gestures and passionate declarations of love – even when they know those gestures are unlikely to become a reality. To an INFP, thinking about a new romantic interest is often more fun than actually interacting with them.

INFJ: Slowly, guardedly and cautiously.

INFJs are romantics in theory but realists in practice. They want to wade slowly and cautiously into relationships, ensuring they are investing in someone whom they can trust long-term. This type has their walls up high but once they let them down, their partner gets the all of them – and they expect the same in return.

ENFJ: Passionately, considerately and deeply.

ENFJs want to know absolutely everything about the person they’re falling in love with. They may not jump headfirst into new romances but they certainly approach getting to know someone with an unmatchable intensity and passion. Once this dedicated type decides it’s you they’re going to love, they’re all in – and they’ll spoil their budding partner with their undivided attention and care.

INTJ: Slowly, deliberately and secretly.

INTJs have to examine a potential relationship from every angle humanly possible before deciding that it’s worth pursuing – which means you may not know for a long while if an INTJ is interested in you. Though they apply logic to all their relationships, this type experiences much stronger emotions than they let on – they may care quietly and show their love sparingly but rest assured that when they feel it, they feel it deeply. And once they’re in, they’re in.

ENTJ: Evenly, guardedly and safely.

ENTJs assess relationships the way they assess everything else – as a potential investment with various associated risks. To this practical type, love is a choice as much as it’s a feeling – they want to scout out potential partners evenly and rationally before they let their emotions run away on them. This type approaches relationships cautiously but rest assured once they’re committed, they’re committed.

INTP: Cautiously, curiously and sparingly.

INTPs see other people as puzzles – and the more they like you, the more eager they are to try and figure you out. This type approaches romance with a hint of deliberation but a natural sense of curiosity. In fact, they’re so busy soaking you in that they may forget to make a move altogether.

ENTP: Curiously, quickly and obsessively.

ENTPs approach relationships the way they approach everything else – with an assertive, borderline obsessive sense of curiosity. They want to know everything about their potential love interest and figure out exactly what makes them tick. This type will stay in love for as long as they stay intrigued and a little bit perplexed.

ISTJ: Steadily, patiently and quietly.

Patience is a virtue for ISTJs and this applies to forming relationships as much as it applies to anything else. This type wins love interests over with their consistent and trustworthy nature, which means they don’t mind taking the ‘friends first’ approach to budding romances. This level headed type wants to make sure they’re investing in someone who shares their core values – which means they have to get to know the person first.

ESTJ: Purposefully, deliberately and decisively.

ESTJs aren’t afraid to go after what they want – and that includes potential love interests. This level headed type wants a partner they can rely on, and once they find someone who fits the bill they don’t mind making the first move. This type is all about wining, dining and ultimately winning over whoever captures their fancy.

ISTP: Off-handedly, unintentionally and conveniently.

ISTPs aren’t the most passionate of all types but they certainly aren’t exempt from falling in love. This type has a tendency to fall for those who pursue them fervently – their heart eventually catches up with their head and they realize that the person they’ve been assessing for the past few months is the person they absolutely want to be with. A lot of emotions are unintentional for this type, but that doesn’t make them any less real.

ESTP: Boldly, brashly and assertively.

ESTPs are straight shooters in life as well as in love. Once this up-front type finds themselves enamored, they don’t waste any time in pursuing the object of their affection. Their offhanded charm can win over almost anyone and they know it. They are bold and shameless in pursuing almost anyone they’re interested in. Why second-guess a good thing?

ISFJ: Observantly, patiently and open-heartedly.

ISFJs are incredibly observant folk – and this practice is amplified when someone captures their attention. They soak in everything there is to know about a potential love interest before moving in closer – they want to know that they’re investing in someone who they can be a good fit for – because once they make that investment, this type loves with a heart so caring and open it’s astounding.

ESFJ: Passionately, conventionally and considerately.

ESFJs are people who know what they want – and this trait is amplified when it comes to relationships. ESFJs pursue the people who interest them openly and honestly, using a traditional dating structure. They have a lot of love to give and they want to make sure they’re allotting it to someone who is ready to receive it and truly engage in something meaningful. This type loves with an open heart but also a stark sense of realism and common sense.

ISFP: Carefully, romantically and serendipitously.

ISFPs are cautious and guarded about their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. On the contrary, this type loves and feels incredibly deeply. They are secret suckers for romance and like to believe that there is somebody out there for everyone. They are cautious when it comes to new relationships, but once they begin to fall in love, they fall fast and hard.

ESFP: Openly, affectionately and enthusiastically.

There’s nothing ESFPs love more than love. This people-focused type dives headfirst into blossoming relationships, adoring the rush they get from falling in love. This type has the impressive ability to get along with just about anyone, which means that once someone captures their interest, their charm takes over full force. And their affection is usually reciprocated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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