I Think That My Body’s Still In Love With You

I think that our bodies have memories
We cannot access with our minds.
I think our pulses keep the rhythm of sorrow,
That our limbs carry heartaches in their bones
I think our bodies can harbour all our secrets
that our thoughts have long forgotten
And if so, then it’s possible my body
Remains in love with yours.

Because the thing is, both our minds forgot so much
Like how to listen, how to compromise, how to be patient and faithful and fair,
We got so lost
Inside the noise of trying to love each other right that we forgot
How to do it at all,
But I think that the memory is still trapped
Somewhere underneath my skin.

I think the memory of loving you lives on
Inside my fingertips,
They have been tracing the bodies
Of so many other boys, trying to find you,
trying to find their way home, I think my lips
Are still trying to taste you
Inside every other person I kiss.

I think my body is still in love with yours because in the dead of night
When the blinds are drawn and the air is still and someone else’s hulking figure lies sleeping beside mine,
It is always still yours I’m reaching out for
When I’m just drowsy enough to not remember
That you have been gone for so long.

They say our bodies regenerate completely
After seven long years,
That all our skin cells
Are shed and replaced
And I hope that isn’t true because if so
Then I have six years more to go
Before I finally have a body
That no longer thinks of yours as home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark