How Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Prepares For The Holidays


ESFJ – Starts viciously baking and freezing treats two months ahead of time. Nearly explodes with excitement planning their holiday party.

ISFJ – Settles down to watch their favorite holiday specials that they’ve been enjoying every year since childhood.

ESFP – Spikes the eggnog and hangs the mistletoe at every holiday party they attend.

ISFP – Goes shopping for cute, vintage holiday sweaters to sport before the best things get picked over when ‘ugly sweater party’ season begins.

ENFP – Gets so excited about the holiday festivities that they completely forget to go gift shopping and end up ferociously wrapping presents at 11pm on Christmas Eve.

INFJ – Drives themselves crazy trying to narrow down the MOST PERFECT gift for everyone, that is in equal parts meaningful and practical.

INFP – Channels the holiday spirit to help them up the ante on the ‘random acts of kindness’ that they already regularly engage in.

ENFJ – Sees the holiday season as one big opportunity to bring their loved ones together and begins planning various themed celebrations.

INTJ – Attempts to explain the inefficiency of gift swapping to their family but ends up reluctantly sporting their Mother’s annual holiday scarf while they hand out gift cards.

ENTJ – Capitalizes on the holiday season by designing their company’s advertising campaign around the spirit of giving.

INTP – Breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of all the holiday parties they’re about to be expected to attend.

ENTP – Trolls Internet forums pretending to be deeply offended about various holiday-related issues that they actually couldn’t care less about.

ISTJ – Begins subtly asking their loved ones what they need in the way of household or personal items, in order to determine the most practical gift they can get for them.

ESTJ – Adheres to whichever holiday traditions are most important to their family, but spends the entire time making mental to-do lists for work the next day.

ESTP – Loudly wishes everyone at work a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holidays” and is called in for sensitivity training.

ISTP – Pops popcorn and sits back to watch what everyone’s going to be offended by this year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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