17 Signs You Might Be An Enneagram Type 4


1. Growing up, you always felt just a little different than everyone else around you. You could fake fitting in when you had to, but nothing about it felt authentic.

2. You crave deep, intense connections with others, but nobody has ever been able to understand you quite as intimately as you understand yourself.

3. You either love people with absolutely 100% of your heart, or not at all. You know no in between.

4. More than anything else, you enjoy getting lost in the world of your own vivid fantasies.

5. There are days where your thoughts and emotions are so loud that you can barely focus on the outside world at all.

6. You have frustratingly high standards for yourself, because no matter what accomplishments you achieve, you can always imagine a better, more impressive version of yourself in your mind.

7. You’d rather feel anything than neutral – no emotion out there is worse than a lack of emotion.

8. You know that even sadness and longing can be beautiful, in their own unique way.

9. You are deeply creative and artistic at your core, but you sometimes fear that the rest of the world would not understand your unique brand of creativity if you were to share it with them.

10. You regularly make connections about the world that other people seem to miss entirely. You are always looking beyond the surface for a deeper meaning or a lesson to be learned.

11. You actually find it easier to deal with intense emotional upheavals than you do many aspects of your day-to-day routine.

12. You are incredibly in tune with the thoughts, emotions and motivations of both yourself and those you’re close to. You can detect a subtle change in someone’s mood almost instantly.

13. You consider yourself to be a highly sensitive person.

14. You both love and hate the fact that you are so different from most other people. You know that your differences are what make you unique, and yet you hate the feelings of isolation they incur.

15. You secretly fantasize about meeting someone who understands and loves you so completely that they can at last save you from the loneliness and emptiness you have been feeling for so long.

16. Though your life hasn’t always been easy, you think there is a unique beauty in looking back at all the trials and obstacles you have struggled to overcome.

17. At your core, you know that your ability to navigate the deep end of the human experience is a unique gift that you alone have to offer the world – and for that reason, you wouldn’t trade it in even if you could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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