What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Like As An Employee

The Office
The Office

ISTJ: The dutiful employee who shows up half an hour early each morning and keeps a detailed list of all the ways in which the other employees aren’t following the official workplace procedures to a T.

ESTP: The smooth-talking office heartthrob, who can inexplicably sooth any outraged client instantly.

ISTP: Either the official IT department or the unofficial IT department. Best known by other workers as the employee who has won the fantasy football league for ten consecutive years.

ESTJ: The employee who applied for their boss’s position one week into working there (and every consecutive week since).

ESFJ: The cheerful employee who regularly brings in coffee and homemade treats for everyone to share. Doubles as the most reliable source for office gossip.

ISFJ: The incredibly sweet, hardworking employee who deals with all work-place conflicts by leaving passive-aggressive post-it notes by the copy machine.

ISFP: The employee who quietly defies any sort of micromanagement by adding an unexpected creative flare to every project they’re given.

ESFP: The employee who organizes regular office get-togethers that almost always involve karaoke and booze.

ENFP: The employee who spends half of their day working furiously to complete something they forgot about by its 12:00 deadline and the other half of the day giving the other employees unwarranted inspirational pep talks.

ENFJ: Either the official HR director or the unofficial HR director. Spends the majority of their time at work making sure everyone else is feeling safe, happy and respected.

INFJ: The employee everyone tells their grievances to, despite the fact that they hate dealing with everyone’s grievances and wishes they’d all just work it out with each other.

INFP: The one who always shows up fifteen minutes late, but nonetheless takes their devotion to the company as seriously as they take their own lives.

INTP: The employee who holes up in his or her office all day mumbling vaguely about leaving to pursue self-employment – but never actually goes anywhere.

ENTP: The employee who comes up with a (self-proclaimed) brilliant new way of doing things every two to three days, which he or she then tries to force the rest of the reluctant office to get on board with.

INTJ: The employee who is constantly submitting complaints to the HR department about the inefficient nature of shutting down the office early every second Friday to attend the ESFP’s beloved “Office Karaoke Night.”

ENTJ: The employee who is inexplicably making four times more money than everyone else who is working the exact same job as them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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