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What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Does After A Breakup

INFP – Retreats to cry and write out their feelings until they have fully processed the breakup.

ENFP – Tells everyone they’re over it, puts on a sunny face and secretly dies inside.

INFJ – Withdraws to reconstruct their vision of the future without their ex in it, then seeks out the company of positive friends to lift their spirits.

ENFJ – Throws themselves into full-on ‘future planning’ mode to distract themselves from their feelings until they’re ready to move on to the next relationship.

ISFJ – Incessantly pours over every mistake they made in the relationship, trying to pinpoint exactly what they did wrong.

ESFJ – Rants incessantly to friends until they feel ready to throw themselves back into the ‘dating game’ full-force.

ESFP – Surrounds themselves with anyone who can affirm that they’re still hot, interesting and worth dating. Makes a deliberate point to do everything that being in a relationship was holding them back from.

ISFP – Disappears from the world indefinitely to listen to sad music and process their emotions.

INTJ – Rationalizes the end of the relationship and convinces themselves there was no other possible outcome than the breakup… while uncharacteristically drinking or binge-eating ice cream.

ENTJ – Claims to be over it immediately but is later found yelling nonsensically at a chair.

INTP – Throws themselves into video games, soft drugs or pretty much anything that will interfere with them processing any sort of emotion.

ENTP – Takes FULL ADVANTAGE OF THEIR NEWFOUND FREEDOM and then gets inexplicably bummed out two months later.

ISTJ – Replays details of the relationship in their mind over and over again until they’ve reasoned their way to closure.

ESTJ – Loudly claims that it was their decision to end things, but secretly reminisces about the relationship when alone and is off-put by their own unexpectedly strong emotions.

ISTP – Detaches from their emotions and goes on an indefinite spree of sensory indulgence.

ESTP – Throws themselves into meeting new people and indulging in new experiences as an attempt to forget that the relationship ever happened at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark