How To Motivate Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type


ENTP – Tell them it can’t be done.

ENTPs love a challenge – almost as much as they love proving other people wrong. The #1 way to ensure that an ENTP is going to do something is to present it to them in a way that implies you think it can’t be done. They’ll throw their entire beings into proving you wrong.

ENFP – Tell them that if anyone can do it, it’s them.

ENFPs thrive on feelings of empowerment. They want to impress and inspire others at all costs, so if you suggest that there’s a challenge only they can rise to, it’s the surest way of getting them on board. They’re eager to prove themselves and show the world that their wildest dreams can become a reality.

ENFJ – Tell them you need guidance to help get it done.

ENFJs aim to serve as all-knowing mentors to those around them. The #1 way to motivate them is to act as though their guidance is essential to accomplishing a given task or project. They’ll jump at the chance to teach you what they know and help you reach your target.

ISFJ – Tell them you’re counting on them to get it done.

ISFJs take the commitments they make to others incredibly seriously. If you tell them that a given task falls on their shoulders and that you’re relying on them to complete it, they’ll strive endlessly to make sure it gets done. This type is loyal above all else.

INFP – Tell them it needs to be done in a unique and unprecedented way.

INFPs are wildly creative and take pride in their ability to see things from unique, artistic angles that others simply cannot seem to grasp. If you tell them that a task requires a special artistic flare in order to complete it, they will eagerly step up to bat. Creative endeavours are this type’s time to shine.

INTJ – Tell them that nobody can figure out the best way to get it done.

INTJs are the ultimate optimizers. They are able to pinpoint the most efficient way to do just about anything, and they often grow frustrated by others’ blatant inability to do the same. If you want a task done in the best way possible, give it to an INTJ. And let them know that you’re relying on their competence.

ENTJ – Tell them the long-term benefits of doing it.

ENTJs are strategic, long-term planners who will do almost anything to guarantee themselves a better future. If you sell an ENTJ on the long-term benefits of getting a specific task done, they’ll be implementing plans for it before you can finish saying, “Please.”

ISTJ – Tell them nobody else is going to do it unless they do.

ISTJs are the ultimate duty-fulfillers and they understand that most of the important things in life just won’t get done unless they do it themselves. Does this make them bitter? Sometimes. But does it also make them efficient workers? Absolutely. Tell an ISTJ that a task rests squarely on their shoulders and you can bet your ass they’ll hustle to get it completed.

ESTJ – Tell them the immediate, tangible benefits of doing it.

ESTJs are all about doing what works. If you are able to provide them with a list of clear, tangible outcomes of getting a task done, nothing will stand in their way of completing it. This type is ceaselessly action-oriented and if they see a logical reason to complete a given project, they’ll already be working on doing so.

ESFJ – Tell them that someone they love needs it done.

There’s almost nothing an ESFJ wouldn’t do to help out a loved one in need. This type takes immediate action to support the people they’re close to and if the task at hand is going to improve someone’s circumstances, they’ll be on it. No questions asked (Okay, a few questions asked).

INFJ – Tell them you need their insight to help get it done.

INFJs understand the world around them in a unique, insightful manner. And they want to use that insight to help the people they love. When you ask this type to help you by providing insight into what you’re attempting, you’re both playing to their strengths and engaging their empathetic nature. Their inner motivation will rile.

ESFP – Tell them how impressed others will be if they do it.

ESFPs love the spotlight –and consequently, they are willing to go out on a limb to achieve it. If you explain how completing a given task will earn them the limelight and make them seem impressive to others, the ESFP will be clamoring to complete it in no time.

ISFP – Tell them that only the most creative people are capable of getting it done.

ISFPs have an entirely unique world-view and they know it. By telling this type that you need a creative spin to be taken on a particular project, you’ll ensure that they’ll step up to the plate. They harness any chance to shine creatively.

INTP – Tell them that everyone else is using inaccurate methods of getting it done.

INTPs are ceaselessly frustrated by the idiotic methods others use to gather and decide on information. By telling them that information is being construed incorrectly, you’ll play on their major pet peeve and motivate them to show everyone else how things ought to be getting done.

ISTP – Tell them there’s a shortcut to getting it done.

ISTPs are the masters of analyzing and finding loopholes within systems. If you tell them there’s a quick, painless method of getting something done, they’ll be all over finding that method. And then using it to complete the task at hand.

ESTP – Tell them they’re the only ones capable of doing it.

ESTPs like to think of themselves as superheroes. Straight-shooters by nature, this type has no problem taking immediate action to get just about any task done – so long as they see a reason to do it. And telling them they’re the only ones who can is almost always reason enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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