Here Is What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Afraid Of

With Halloween approaching, we’re all hard at work determining which costumes are most likely to scare the bejesus out of our friends, coworkers and neighborhood trick-or-treaters. And what better way to do so than by understanding what truly terrifies each of our acquaintances, based on their personality type. Though the costumes might take some creative adaptation, here is the run-down of what each type is inherently deeply afraid of.

ENFP: Monotony

ENFPs are the ultimate novelty-seekers. These highly enthusiastic individuals want to dive headfirst into life and experience it in as many different fashions and facets as possible. The thought of getting stuck in a monotonous routine or situation is paralyzing to them. They can think of nothing worse than having their lives stay the same indefinitely.

INFP: Oppression

INFPs believe fiercely in equal rights and freedom of thought and speech. There is nothing scarier to this open-minded type than a world in which people are not intrinsically valued, or are held back from expressing their true selves.

ENFJ: Unresolvable conflict

ENFJs are the masters of smoothing over conflict between people they love – and the idea of not being able to do so strikes fear into their hearts. Without their magical interpersonal communication skills, the ENFJ would feel useless to those around them. And there’s no thought more terrifying to this type than being useless to those they love.

INFJ: Corruption

The INFJ has a unique understanding of how humans relate to one another on a large scale – and because of this, there is perhaps nothing they fear more than our large-scale ability to hurt, cheat and take advantage of one another. They understand how these actions negatively affect us all – and as a result, they are abhorrent of our capacity to take part in them.

ISTJ: Lawlessness

ISTJs are the ultimate rule-abiders – and a word without rules is perhaps the most terrifying thing they can think of. This type wishes to instill order upon every area of their lives and without a system of organization they are lost. A lawless world is a truly horrifying idea to this type.

ESTJ: Submission

ESTJs like to be at large and in charge – and the idea of having to submit to those less competent terrifies them. Though they can certainly take orders from people they respect, ESTJs crave power and control over their circumstances – and the idea of being at someone else’s will drives them mad.

ISTP: Hands-Off Learning

The ISTP lives to understand the world in a direct, concrete fashion. They learn by tinkering, testing, experimenting and meddling. A world in which they are expected to blindly accept how things work is a world that they don’t want to live in. The ISTP needs to get their hands dirty in life – and being held back from doing so is a truly terrifying thought.

ESTP: A Lack Of Self-Sufficiency

ESTPs are the ultimate doers –they see a clear path between to what they want and they won’t stand for anything getting in their way. The ESTP’s worst nightmare is being unable to provide for him or her self. They are independent to a fault and having their self-sufficiency compromised is a downright terrifying thought.

ISFJ: A Disruption Of The Peace

ISFJs thrive in calm, cooperative environments where everything runs as it should and everyone gets along cordially. This type loathes the idea of having their peaceful world disturbed in an unresolvable way. Experiencing conflicting desires, interpersonal disagreements or any other disruption of harmony is their ultimate fear.

ESFJ: Isolation

ESFJs live to serve their loved ones. This endlessly personable type derives energy from those around them and they top the charts as one of the most extroverted personality types. Being isolated or disconnected from others drives an ESFJ mad – and being genuinely alone in life is a truly fearful thought to them.

ESFP: Disinterest From Others

ESFPs live to perform, entertain and excite those around them. The spotlight is where they thrive and their idea of horror is a world in which nobody finds them interesting or entertaining. They live to explore people possibilities and the idea of those possibilities disappearing truly scares them.

ISFP: Rigidity

ISFPs crave the freedom to express themselves like the rest of us crave water and air. This type needs to go out into the world and explore, discover and create without limitations, in order to feel like themselves. A rigid, stifling environment is terrifying to this type. They fear having their self-expression limited in any way.

INTJ: Being In The Dark Intellectually

INTJs aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of the world around them – and in order to do so, they need to learn as much about it as they possibly can. This highly intellectual type prides themselves on having a thorough knowledge of anything that interests them – and the idea of being held back from learning, in any capacity, is genuinely scary to them.

ENTJ: Powerlessness

ENTJs are born leaders. This type maintains a clear vision of what they want at all times and the idea of being powerless to take control of their lives is terrifying to them. An ENTJ without an action plan is a fish out of water. And it’s a damn scary thought.

INTP: Ignorance

INTPs need to look at a given situation from every possible angle before they can properly understand it – and to them, it is truly terrifying to conceive of a world in which others refuse to do the same. The effects of ignorance are monstrously apparent to the INTP – they shudder to think of what would happen if the truly ignorant people of the world were regularly put into power.

ENTP: Limitations

ENTPs are explorers, inventors and boundary-pushers. The scariest thing this type can think of is having hard and fast limitations placed on their behavior. When an ENTP wants something, nothing can hold them back from going after it – and the thought of anything that could gives them the heebie-jeebies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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