Dating an ENFP

Don’t Date An ENFP

Don’t date an ENFP. You’ll never have the same day twice. ENFPs are a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. They are bursting with plans for trips that you could take, things you could create, ways in which your lives could open up and expand and evolve. Monotony is not the ENFP cup of tea and they are constantly looking for ways to spice up life and keep things fresh. If you are looking for a dull, predictable partner who abhors trying anything new, you should run far away from the ENFP.

Don’t date an ENFP. They will challenge your opinions and thoughts. This type has a whirring, restless mind that examines things from every perspective. They will present you with new facts and figures. They’ll entice you with new points of view. This type isn’t one to sit back, nod politely and agree calmly with everything you say. ENFPs have a mind of their own and they will use it to invigorate yours. If it’s a lifetime of small talk that you’re looking for, steer clear of the ENFP.

Don’t date an ENFP. They will shower you with love and affection. This type possesses a heart so full it’s bursting – with love for the people around them, with passion for their chosen career, with the world that they’re lucky to live in and the people who make it all up. You will not wonder where you stand with an ENFP. They will flatter you with words and affection. They will rave about you to all their friends. They will readily remind you why they love you and they’ll fight to ensure that you’re happy. If you’re looking for a cold and distant partner, the ENFP is not for you.

Don’t date an ENFP. They’ll show you what independence looks like. This type goes for what they want unabashedly and pursues each of their passions single-handedly. They will not fit into the palm of your hand; this type has wings that they intend to spread wide, they have goals and they intend to aim high. If you are looking for a quiet, docile partner, do not go after the ENFP. They don’t expect a partnership to limit them and they don’t plan to place limits on you either.

Don’t date an ENFP. They will bring new people into your life. They will bring home the kooky and creative. They’ll befriend your community and neighbours. This type will love your family like they are your own, they’ll cherish your friends more than you know. ENFPs love everybody that they meet and if you want a judgmental, standoffish partner, you’ll be barking up the dead wrong tree.

Don’t date an ENFP. They’ll push you to reach your full potential. They’ll see the best in you, the brightest in you, the person you’re capable of becoming and they’ll challenge you to finally become it. You’ll never feel weak or incapable with the ENFP in your life. You’ll have no excuse to sit back, wallow in a pool of self-pity and let your true potential pass you by. The ENFP will bring out the best in you. And if you’re happy wallowing in your worst, you definitely shouldn’t date one.

Don’t date an ENFP. They will take you to go see the world. Life with the ENFP will be one big, never ending adventure. They’ll cook you foods you’ve never tasted, bring you to places you have only dreamed of, sweep you away into a world full of excitement and passion and growth. Life will not be small or unremarkable with the ENFP by your side. There will be no room for playing it safe, for keeping it simple, for letting life pass you by one slow, monotonous day at a time.

You should not date an ENFP. Because they’ll turn your whole world upside down. And you will never be able to go back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark