Run Away With Me


Run away with me.

Pack your bags and leave your reservations behind. Unpack your hopes and your fears and every dream that you let drop by the wayside over the years. Pick up your wildest childhood fantasies and let’s steal away in the night. We’ll leave this wasteland, ditch this city, let the lights flicker off and burn out in our wake because we’re going somewhere where the sun burns long into the night.

Leave it all behind with me. We’ll run from our failures and misgivings, drench ourselves in sweet possibilities, dip our toes into the oceans of regret and dry our souls out in the sunlight of forgiveness. Forget about what was ever meant to come next. Forget the 9-5s, the wasted lives, the eventual decay of wasting away under someone else’s ideal of who you were meant to become. We’ll leave it all. We’ll pack up in the dead of night and find ourselves a world away by morning, with the wind at our backs and the sunrise on our skin.

Leave your pride and cynicism. Leave your bitterness and pain. We have no use for such things where we’re going; we’ll run straight out of the forest of our fears and strip ourselves of every limitation we’ve clung onto through the years. Take me to the dawn of all your passions, to the heart of your hopes, to the child that still lives on inside of you, with your dreams and understandings clasped between his tiny hands.

Don’t worry about right and wrong. For tonight, forget about all of the ought to’s and the maybes and the shoulds. There is a world that exists outside the land of right and wrong and together we can go and we can live there. We’ll worship compassion like religion and we’ll wash away our sins between the sheets. Let me see all of the best and all the worst of you. I’ll relish in the sunshine of your virtue. I’ll traverse the badlands of your heart.

We don’t have to live the way that we were meant to. There’s a secret I know about living and it’s written in the pattern of your skin, in the space that stretches in between your ribcage, in every breath you take that brings you one step closer to the life you should be living – beckoning you closer, calling you home. There’s a place out there for people like you and like me. There’s a world that I know we can take hold of, if you’ll leave your fears behind and come find it with me, agree to resign with me and walk into that bleary unknown of all your deepest desires and wildest dreams.

Please don’t give me excuses.

I am tired of being the one who hesitates, the one who deliberates, the one who is always being asked to stay, to stop, to settle down and think things over, when the desire to run is pulsating through my bloodstream with a strength and ferocity that I can no longer fail to give into.

I’m tired of making excuses, of crafting solutions, of taming and hiding and extinguishing this flame because the others cannot take the light. Baby, let’s go somewhere where these fires can roar. We’ll fan the flame of every lust, light all of our longings on fire and watch our passion blaze into the night.

I see a flicker in your eyes and destruction in your smile. And together, we can burn this whole world down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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