Here Is Which Workout You Should Try Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Exercise is necessary for every personality type – but which exercise you choose to engage in is entirely optional. In a world of seemingly infinite options, here is which kind of exercise you may be surprised to find you like, based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

Michael Pollak
Michael Pollak

INFP: Yoga

You’re in touch with your spiritual side and you need a form of physical exercise that mirrors that. Various disciplines of Yoga allow you to challenge yourself in various mental and physical ways. You enjoy the chance to disconnect from the never-ending ‘noise’ of everyday living and retreat to a calm, quiet environment where your mind and body feel in synch – and yoga offers the chance to do just that.

ISFP: Dog Surfing

You heard that right. It’s a new workout that’s sweeping the nation that combines all your favorite things – interaction with nature, physical exhilaration and your favorite adorable pet. While the majority of dog surfing competitions involve the human controlling the board, some disciplines of the sport allow the dog to surf alone – just make sure your pet doesn’t get so good that you get ousted as their surf partner!

ESFP: Zumba

You’re a ball of energy and enthusiasm and you need a place to let it out! Zumba offers a fun, social form of exercise that brings out the absolute best in you. It’s impossible not to smile while you’re cha-chaing across a dancefloor with a group of other enthusiastic dancers who are there to let loose and have fun!

ESTP: Any Team Sport

Let’s be honest – you’re a natural when it comes to just about every form of athleticism. And you’re as socially dominant as you are physically. Picking just about any team sport that exists is going to put you on the fast-track to success – you’ll pick up the nuances of the game and then you’ll pick up the nuances of the team. Your rapid-speed reaction time and your ability to analyze the opposing team’s strategizes are a killer combination.

ENTP: Base Jumping.

You’re attracted to the unusual, the impressive and the extreme. BASE jumping offers all of these things rolled into one surreal yet incredibly dangerous sport. Every jump offers a new set of challenges – and we all know you love a challenge.

ENFP: Adventure Racing

Your relatively short attention span means you struggle to commit to just one form of exercise – and with adventure racing, you don’t have to. This multi-disciplinary form of racing keeps you training for various sports simultaneously – every race provides a unique new challenge for you to rise to.

INTJ: Martial Arts

You are all about precision, self-improvement and optimizing both your mental and physical energy. Martial arts allow the opportunity for you to engage all of these desires simultaneously. You can narrow down the Martial Arts discipline that appeals to you and then capitalize on your mental prowess with this strategy-focused form of exercise.

INFJ: Cross-Country Running

Any exercise you engage in must have a highly mental component to it – and what people don’t realize about long-distance running is that it’s a highly meditative sport. Being out in nature sooths your mind and allows you to get in touch with your thoughts in a clear, uncluttered fashion. You can disconnect from the noise of everyday living and experience a pure physical release that refreshes your mind and your body alike.

ESTJ: Rowing

You’re naturally inclined toward team sports – specifically, ones that require endurance, precision and cooperation. Rowing offers the opportunity to demonstrate your own physical strength alongside a group of similarly disciplined athletes who value perseverance and cooperation as a means of dominating the competition. Because let’s be serious – the participation medal isn’t going to cut it for you.

ESFJ: Sailing

You enjoy getting acquainted with the technical aspects of a sport that also allows you to be social and enjoy yourself. Sailing engages you with nature and often provides you with a community of likeminded people who want to come together to enjoy a physical challenge!

ISFJ: Scuba Diving

Your ideal physical activity involves being in nature, learning new technical skills and engaging in some much-needed quiet time. And is it ever quiet underwater! Scuba diving is a sport that requires a high degree of precision and the ability to make smart, informed decisions in the moment – both of which you are adept at. Plus the breathtaking beauty of the world underwater leaves you feeling refreshed each and every time you submerse yourself.

ISTJ: Cross-Country Skiing

Your ideal sport is strategic, focused and independent – allowing you to take full responsibility over your workout. Cross-country skiing allows you the chance to disconnect from the world around you and fully indulge in the sensory aspects of the sport. You can clear your head by getting out in nature and consistently push your own physical limits – something that someone as self-disciplined as you is able to focus on without external encouragement.

ISTP: Mountain biking

You’re an adventurer through and through – and you answer to no one but yourself. Mountain biking allows you the opportunity to get out in nature and explore at your own will. You enjoy the meditative quality of the sport – but your quick reaction time also makes you a natural at it, should you ever decide to go competitive.

INTP: Mountaineering

You prefer mental exercises to physical ones – but if you are going to engage with the physical world, you want to do so in a way that challenges and stimulates you. Mountaineering provides a constantly changing landscape with new challenges to be overcome left, right and center. It’ll keep you focused, engaged and on your toes – literally and figuratively.

ENTJ: Chess Boxing

Yes, you read that correctly. Chess boxing tops the list as one of earth’s most bizarre sports, combining the mental challenge of chess with the physical challenge of boxing. For the ENTJ, who wants to be the Alpha of every discipline, this sport gives them a chance to show off both their mental and physical dominance. Win-win.

ENFJ: Indoor Cycling

Let’s cut to the chase – you have people to see and places to be. You need a workout that is challenging, intense and social all at once. You enjoy exercising in a clean, organized environment where you’re engaged with a group but still have control over how much you’re pushing yourself physically. Cycling ticks all those boxes and doubles as a convenient activity that you can fit into your lunch break. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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