Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Answers The Question ‘Which Type Would You Rather Be?’

Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type comes with its own set of joys and struggles. However, sometimes we’d like to trade in those struggles for somebody else’s. This week I asked 12,000 type enthusiasts on my Facebook page which type they would rather be if they could trade in their type for another. Here’s what they had to say.


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ENFPs provided a wide range of responses, but predominantly wished to switch to either INFJ or a slightly different version of their own type.

  • “I love being an ENFP. I wouldn’t trade! But if I HAD to choose, I’d want to be an INFJ, it would be like I was just turned inside out, and had more structure to my life.”
  • “I’m an ENFP. I wish to be a more self actualized ENFP. Which is probably very ENFP of me.”
  • “I would love to be an ENTP. I love my extraverted intuition but would rather have it paired up with thinking instead of feeling.”
  • “#TeamENFP alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day/life long baby!! Would not want to be another type, but I would like to be a bit taller and have staff and a trust fun and maybe a pet monkey. But one of the NICE monkeys that doesn’t fling its own feces.”
  • “I wish I were an INFJ because I wish I could structure my dreams and visions in such a way as to make them a reality… And I also wish I had the wherewithal to stick to my convictions and see things through like an INFJ.”
  • “ENFP here. I wont trade it for any other type. No disrespect though, it’s just that I love being crazy!”
  • “I wish i could be an ENTP, but i guess i wouldn’t have as much fun. No matter how much being an ENFP is exhausting, its still a lot fulfilling and fun.”
  • “I wish I was less turbulent and more balanced and organized. If I could choose my type it would be INFJ, for several obvious reasons. They are very inspirational and focused.”
  • “I’m an ENFP and I wouldn’t change it for a billion bucks, flaws and all! I love and appreciate all other types but I’m pretty sure I would be bored to tears living in any other’s skin. There’s a system in my chaos and I love every bit of it.”
  • “ENFP, and I wish my type was Carly Rae Jepsen’s ENFP.”


Of all the types who answered, INFPs provided the most varied responses. The majority wished to be either a thinking type or an ENFP. Others didn’t like the idea of being defined by a type at all.

  • “My type is INFP and I wish my type was INTP because I wish my decisions were more thought based. Plus I just think INTP is like the coolest type.”
  • “I’m an INFP, and I really love being my type. However, sometimes I wish I was more like an ENFP, allowing myself to be more outgoing and willing to outwardly demonstrate my inward enthusiasm.”
  • “I wish I were ESTP, they just go go with the flow.”
  • “Sometimes I wish I were an xTJ so I’d have a more consistent view of the world. Being open-minded helps me empathize with people, but it also causes me to have frequent existential crises, which make me emotional, and I hate being emotional.”
  • “I wish to be an INTJ sometimes… because I want to be even-headed at work.”
  • “I like being an INFP, but in some moments I wish I were INTP or INTJ because it’s really just exhausting dealing with all of these sensitivities and emotions ALL the time. INFP requires a lot of emotional and spiritual maintenance to feel balanced, and sometimes finding direction is difficult.”
  • “I wish I was an ENTJ. I would accomplish my business goals so much faster, and wouldn’t have to deal with introverted feeling.”
  • “INFP here, wish I was an ENFJ because I’d rather be a real extrovert and more Oprah-like. Or an ISFP so I don’t daydream so often, both types seem to get more done.”
  • “I’m INFP and wish I was ENFP because although I love all the passion and craziness that we both share, I feel a wall blocking me from acting the way that I feel. I think ENFPs have way more fun!”
  • “INFP…I wish I didn’t have a type.”


INFJs were split almost evenly down the middle of wanting to be either an INTJ or an ENFJ.

  • “At times (when I am in my analytical mode, pissed from the world), I wish my type was an INTJ instead, because they have an easier life, and they don’t care about the world. When seeking socializing, I wish my type was an ENFJ, because they have much energy and will power to finish the goals.”
  • “I’m an INFJ and I don’t want to be anything else. If I HAD to, I’d choose INTJ, because the ones I’ve known were pretty darn great people.”
  • “INFJ, and I both love and hate it for numerous reasons. I don’t have a particularly strong preference for Feeling over Thinking, so I won’t say INTJ. I think if I had to choose, I’d pick ENFJ because being an extroverted type would make interaction so much easier and I’d feel a lesser feeling as though I’m dying after being around too much for too long.”
  • “I wish to be an INTJ. I have too many emotional bursts which puts me in a bad situation…”
  • “I wish I were more extroverted, so I’d rather be an ENFJ I guess.”
  • “I’m an INFJ and I wish I was INTJ because I appreciate their introverted intuition and extraverted thinking combination that allows them to reach what ever goal they set to themselves in this life.”
  • “I’d rather be an INTJ. I wish that I could be less emotional and think in cold hard facts. INTJs are very smart, which I wish I was. I also would like to make more sense to other people and to myself.”
  • “I’m an INFJ. I often wish I was an INTJ to be able to structure things more. Or an INTP to be able to focus on ideas and not be so distraught by all the emotions of people. Or when I’m feeling really burned out, I wish I was a go-with-the-flow ISTP.”
  • “INFJ and I love it, but if I had to choose a different type, it would be ENFJ. Being a little more extroverted could help me in a few areas of my life…”
  • “INFJ. And i love my type. BUT i can be so emotionally pedantic – fighting for justice and all that and it tires me out terribly. Think I could’ve managed better if I was ENFJ.”


ENFJs almost exclusively desired to stay the same or switch to INTJ.

  • “ENFJ and I am happy right where I am.”
  • “I wish I were an INTJ sometimes. I’d like to be more logical.”
  • “ENFJ I don’t wish for anything different. I like who I am.”
  • “I wish I was a TJ… I just have a lot of feelings…”
  • “I am an ENFJ and wouldn’t want to be any other type!”
  • “I’ve gradually become ok with who I am, but I wish I was INTJ on days where it feels easier to not be so reliant on connecting with others for energy and purpose – whether because I’m just too exhausted from going out the past 5 days straight, or because I’m temporarily jaded by how unreliable and, at times, undeserving people are.”
  • “ENFJ and I wouldn’t change a thing!”
  • “I am an ENFJ but I think I have a tendency to compare myself – and feel lacking in comparison to – INTJs. It’s something I’m working on.”


    The INTP answers were all over the board, showing only a slight preference for xNTJ types.
  • “I wish I was more INFPish sometimes, to be more expressive of how I feel instead of getting all logical about it!”
  • “I’m an INTP. I’m actually good with that type. Sometime I wish I were more energized by being around other people.”
  • “If I had to pick another type it would be ISTP because most of my favorite film/novel/video game characters are this type.”
  • “Why would I “wish” to be anything else??? Besides, I can morph to become others when context requires it.”
  • “Love my type. No desire to be anything else.”
  • “I’m an INTP. Sometimes I wish I was an ESFJ.”
  • “I wish I were anything with an E.”
  • “I like my type, in very rare circumstances I wish to become ENTJ.”
  • “INTP and i’m already content with my type. Although if i do need to “wish”, i’d probably choose ENTJ/INTJ for their Te and keeping my NT-ness.”
  • “Well, I’m rather content with my type, or not, I’m not quite sure. What I wish for, however, is that I acquire that drive to get things done, just like the majority of ENTJs.”


Almost every INTJ who responded would either keep their type or change it to ENTJ (but only for practical purposes, of course).

  • “INTJ ergo INTJ.”
  • “I’m happy to be an INTJ. But I often strategically masquerade as an ENTJ in situations when I think it will be useful or helpful or advantageous.”
  • “INTJ and I am proud of my type. I think it’s the best type. But that’s just like an INTJ, now isn’t it?”
  • “I like my type, I just wish others were more accepting of who I am.”
  • “I wish my type to be ANTJ. So as being an Ambivert. Though it does not mean my dominant function won’t be Ni. I love my Ni.”
  • “I’m INTJ and I wish I was ENTJ. INTJs a lot of times have amazing skills and great potential for success, but sadly they’re not extroverted enough to make the connections to get better jobs. We’re secretly jealous of ENTJs because we believe we work harder and more diligently, but they get all the glory and power.”
  • “I’ve always been glad to be an INTJ, and would not change it. Having said that, if I had to choose another? Probably ENTJ…it would be nice to implement all these fascinating strategic ideas with a much more animated spirit. Yet ENTJs have weak Fi…which can make them emotionally unstable (at times)…so that may be a dealbreaker.”
  • “I think I would prefer to be an ENTJ just because I agree that extroverts have an easier time in the world (not constantly having to answer ‘whats wrong?’ when there is nothing wrong, for instance)…but I wouldn’t trade the NTJ for anything!”
  • “I wish that I was a type that could emote a little more, or at least recognize others’ emotions more easily.”
  • “I am pretty much content with the way i am, but I tend to look up to ENTJ’s sometimes. I just hate socializing sometimes.”
  • “I have occasionally wished that I could be an ENTJ, but frankly the pros do not out weigh the cons.”


ENTJs basically just wanted to be be themselves on steroids.

  • “I like my type so I’m gonna stick with ENTJ.”
  • “I’m an ENTJ… cannot improve on perfection!”
  • “I’m an ENTJ and I’m very much happy with that.”
  • “ENTJ always striving to be a better ENTJ!”
  • “I love the idea of being an INTJ but ideally I’d like to just be a stronger ENTJ.”
  • “ENTJs are perfect as is… wouldn’t have it any other way!”
  • “Being an ENTJ is the best! I am en[t]joying myself!”


ENTPs couldn’t decide between ENTP and ENTJ and most simply concluded that they’d like to be both at the same time.

  • “I wish I were an ENTJ so i could get things done and actually stick to goals and have a direction of where I’m going.”
  • “I wish I were born as an ENTJ or at least a “more schedule oriented and organized” ENTP.”
  • “Let me be an ENTJ. Dat follow through tho..”
  • “I’m an ENTP – I wish I was anything or anyone more reliable than an ENTP. But I’d like to keep my ability to see all the possibilities, if that’s ok.”
  • “If I were not an ENTP, I would not be me, So I shall remain an ENTP.”
  • “Wish I was ENTJ so I’d be more focused, organized and independent. But then again I’d probably miss being a P, as it grants me a certain open mindedness and spontaneity that many ENTJs lack.”
  • “I sometimes imagine that having a better developed J tendency might make life a little more structured….but couldn’t really be arsed with it in retrospect.”
  • “As I consider being any other type, I’m reminded of how each one annoys me in their own special way. ENTPs really are the best, don’t you think?”
  • “I am an ENTP I wish I was a different Rational or a guardian. It seems that life wouldn’t be so random and exhausting and I could focus on goals and finish what really mattered in life.”
  • “ENTP! The way the world needs me!”


ISTJs showed no consistent trends other than disliking the ISTJ stereotype.

  • “ISTJ — sometimes wishing I was an ESFP instead!”
  • “I strive to be more like ISFJ, as I think my logical brain could use more feeling. I want to be a more loyal and generous person, and I’d like to create an orderly and harmonious environment at home and at work.”
  • “I’m an ISTJ and I’d wish to be the more daring, careless, outgoing ESTP.”
  • “We don’t do change. Though being an INTJ would come in handy sometimes.”
  • “I just wish more people were also ISTJs so I could hang out with them!”
  • “ISTJ and mostly content with it. It’s only when I read the descriptions of ISTJ that I wish I were something else that seemed a little more exciting to onlookers. From the perspective of living it, it’s fine, but when you read how other people describe ISTJ, it sounds completely boring and unimaginative, which it is NOT. If anything, I wish I didn’t get so overwhelmed by heavy social interaction because I really do like people.”


ISTPs were sparse responders, but pretty happy with themselves on the whole.

  • “I’m an ISTP. I wish I were an INTJ so I could be super smart and confident.”
  • “ISTP and cool with it.”
  • “ISTP and liking it. If I had to switch, then maybe INTP. They seem really fun.”
  • “An occasional infusion of more J is welcome. Otherwise, wouldn’t change my Artisan life for anything!”


ESTPs weren’t particularly responsive.

  • “I fluctuate between ESTP and ISTP. I wish my type was one that isn’t so impulsive.”
  • “I’m an ESTP, and I sometimes with I had more “N.” I love the cleverness of ENTPs and wish I could navigate theories and concepts more easily.”


I received no ESTJ responses – presumably because they were off actually living their lives and accomplishing things.


The majority of ISFJs wished to be extroverts.

  • “I’m an ISFJ and most days I’m content with my type but occasionally I wish I was an ESFJ instead so I could express myself more easily.”
  • “Mostly I like being an ISFJ… social situations not being physically exhausting would be nice though.”
  • “I’d rather be anything E. Being bored and alone but convinced you’ll be miserable in a crowd is miserable.”
  • “It would be nice to be an ESTP and not have to care so much.”
  • “I’m ISFJ and I wish I were INFJ or INTJ. I want to be open to ideas and also independent of others. I’m also tired of my feelings getting in the way but I love being expressive at the same time.”


ESFJs across the board wished that they could take a break from their feelings!

  • “I’m pretty sure I’d like a type that can find more love and validation internally, rather than just relying on other people to validate me.”
  • “I mostly like being an ESFJ, but maybe an ESTJ? Life might be easier if there weren’t so many “feelings” going on.”
  • “I’m ESFJ and often wish I was an ISFJ or ESTJ. Leading Fe is painful sends me down a constant roller coaster of emotion. While I love my Fe (it helps me create art and relate to those around me), it can be a little much to deal with at times. I’m easily hurt, which makes me hesitant to trust others. I often want to spare myself (and others) the pain and deal with problems by myself. But that’s not how it works. I need people.”
  • “I’m an ESFJ who struggles with the ‘feels’ that go with being a type that just can’t seem to separate emotions from decision-making. It would be nice to happier without others around too.”


ISFPs were as mysteriously sparse in the responses as they are in real life.

  • “I’m an ISFP, and generally it’s my jam, but I do get frustrated with how instinctively reserved I am. It’d be fun to try on a life-of-the-party type, like ESFP.”
  • “I’m ISFP. I feel pretty good about being my type. I think we get more crap than we deserve. I would rather be an ISFP with a more developed Te. Then I wouldn’t bellyache about my visually cluttered house. It’d be clean instead!”


Though the occasional ESFP wished for an N or a J, they were mostly satisfied with their type.

  • “ESFP and proud, and I wish we were analyzed more for strengths other than being adventurous. The only thing I’d change is that I wish I had the ability to sit down and focus on work for a while when I need to.”
  • “I’m an ESFP and I am absolutely loving and contented with my type! Not gonna wish for anything else.”
  • “I wish I were anything NF. Emotional intelligence is so important to me and I wish I naturally had more of it.”
  • “My type is ESFP and I really wish I was a ENFJ. I really wish I was a J, because I’m late to like literally everything and usually loosing my mind because of the lack of a schedule. I want to be a ENFJ because they are confident, make people feel naturally at home where ever they go, are awesome at encouraging other and just have a natural sense of believing in others.”
  • “I’m an ESFP and I couldn’t imagine trading my upbeat, confident demeanour for anything. But I’m bothered by how common my type is.”
  • “I’m an ESFP and honestly I’m really happy being an ESFP!”
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