Here’s Which Myers-Briggs Type You’re Most Likely To Mistype As


Most likely to mistype as: INFJ

Why this mistype happens: ISFPs are often considered to be the most intuitive of all sensors. This pensive type takes life incredibly seriously and analyzes all options for their future carefully before reaching a decision – causing an incredibly high number of them to mistype as INFJs. Additionally, the combination of introverted feeling and extroverted sensing can mimic extroverted feeling in many regards. Last but not least, the highly artistic ISFP often feels misunderstood by others and identifies with the statistically rare nature of the INFJ. The main distinction between these types comes down to the difference between introverted feeling (the ISFP’s first function) and introverted intuition (the INFJ’s first function). The ISFP has tertiary Ni and will make specific, detailed plans for the future when necessary, but they are infinitely more comfortable analyzing their feelings and creating art than they are making specific plans for the future and following through on them intensely – a process that rules the INFJ’s world.

Also likely to mistype as: INFP

Why this mistype happens: Because ISFPs are deeply spiritual and highly analytical, they are prone to mistyping as Ns. This usually occurs when the individual types themselves via an online test rather than through the employment of cognitive functions. When cognitive functions are taken into account, it becomes apparent that the ISFP’s analytical nature is due to their introverted feeling, whereas their artistic nature is supported through extroverted sensing, not the hopelessly theoretical extroverted intuition.

Types that are most likely to mistype as ISFP: INFP, ISFJ


Most likely to mistype as: ENFP

Why this mistype happens: ESFPs are infinitely more analytical than they are given credit for in the MBTI world. This type backs up their extroverted sensing with introverted feeling – a function that gives them an excellent grasp on social situations and allows them to thoroughly analyze those around them. This type often scores ENFP on tests, as they confuse their ‘people-intuition’ with being an intuition-dominant type. Though both types are analytical about people, the ENFP lives predominantly in a world of theoretical ideas, whereas the ESFP lives in a world of concrete, realistic people-possibilities.

Also likely to mistype as: ESFJ

Why this mistype happens: Though ESFPs are unlikely to actually test as ESFJs, they are prone to being mistaken as this type by others. Both types are highly social, highly sensory-oriented and highly in tune with the feelings of others. An ESFP is easy to confuse with an ESFJ at a first glance, but the ESFP’s go-with-the-flow nature will soon reveal the difference between the two – ESFJs thrive on planning ahead whereas ESFPs enjoy being surprised by life!

Types that are most likely to mistype as ESFP: ESFJ, ESTP


Most likely to mistype as: ESTJ

Why this mistype happens: ESTPs know exactly what they want, and have no reservations in going for it. This type is quick to act and direct in their approach – two traits that are commonly associated with judgers. The ESTP’s direct, no-nonsense attitude is in fact attributed to their dominant extroverted sensing – but this distinction is difficult to make when assessing type via an online test that does not take cognitive functions into account. As a result, many ESTPs assume themselves to be ESTJs.

Also likely to mistype as: ESFP

Why this mistype happens: ESTPs have tertiary extroverted feeling, which allows them to tune into the feelings of others with impressive accuracy. This happy-go-lucky type is theorized to be the most cheerful of all types and is often assumed to be a feeler as a result. ESTPs are walking proof that being a thinker certainly does not make one mean-spirited!

Types that are most likely to mistype as ESTP: ISTP, ESFP


Most likely to mistype as: INTP

Why this mistype happens: ISTPs are incredibly analytical and spend the majority of their time analyzing external stimuli. This type refuses to rest until their introverted thinking understands each of the individual parts that make up the whole in a given situation. This is a trait that they share with their close cousin type the INTP. The difference between the two types occurs in their auxiliary function – where the INTP prefers to dwell in the world of theoretical possibilities, the ISTP is more grounded in the here-and-now: they analyze situations as they are, whereas INTPs analyze situations as they could be.

Also likely to mistype as: INTJ

Why this mistype happens: ISTPs can be fiercely introverted, and may call on their introverted intuition to help them analyze a given situation. An ISTP with highly developed tertiary Ni can actually resemble an INTJ in their approach – focused on predicting the future based on the information that is objectively available to them. It is their auxiliary function, extroverted sensing, that provides the clue to their true personality – extroverted sensing is often underdeveloped in INTJs but highly prevalent in ISTPs.

Types that are most likely to mistype as ISTP: ISFP, ISTJ

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