What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does On Vacation

Chad Sparkes
Chad Sparkes

ENFP: Wants to dine, live and mingle like the locals in order to have the most authentic experience possible.

ESFJ: Makes sure everyone’s wearing sunscreen and wakes up early each morning to pack the group lunch.

ESFP: Has a whirlwind vacation romance.

INTJ: Selects the optimal hotel, dining and entertainment options by methodically narrowing down a list of possible selections prior to the trip.

ISFP: Sees a great photo op, wanders into a back alley to capture the perfect lighting and gets lost. Rejoins the group three days later.

ESTP: Convinces everyone to go bungee jumping.

ISFJ: Thoughtfully selects souvenirs for loved ones back home and mementos to put in their scrapbook.

ENTP: Somehow learns the local language in less than a week and charms their way into everything for free.

INTP: Embarks on a solitary road trip with no fixed destination.

ISTJ: Schedules visits to every museum and historical site within a hundred mile radius.

ESTJ: Manages the trip budget.

INFJ: Spends vacation volunteering on a local organic farm.

ENTJ: Calculates (and enforces) the precise amount of time that ought to be spent at each tourist attraction, based on an algorithm that compares utiles of happiness to time spent admiring beautiful landmarks.

INFP: Hopes no one notices that they snuck away to a secluded beach to read.

ENFJ: Spends the trip resolving group conflicts and ensuring that their travel companions are enjoying themselves.

ISTP: Stays home and enjoys the solitude of everyone being gone at last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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