What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does If They Like You

Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type expresses affection in a slightly different way. While some types are infinitely more overt in their intentions than others, each has at least one dead giveaway that implies they may be crushing on you. Here are a few telltale clues that the object of your affection may just like you back:

ISFP: Inserts themselves into the same social circle as you and parties with you regularly until the two of you inevitably hook up.

ESFP: Puts X’s at the end of all text messages and finds fifteen excuses a day to hug you.

ENFP: Teases you mercilessly and uncharacteristically does not flake on any of your plans.

ISTJ: Rearranges their schedule in order to spend more time around you but fiercely denies their attraction until you make it clear as day that you’re interested in them.

ESTJ: Orders you to go on a date with them.

INTP: Is actually motivated to spend time with you, especially if they don’t know you very well. Stares at you when you’re talking as though they are studying you.

ENTP: Finds out exactly what makes you tick and then uses it to convince you that YOU like THEM.

ESTP: Shows off in front of you at every available opportunity.

ISTP: Becomes uncharacteristically protective of you.

ESFJ: Asks you ten thousand questions about yourself and remembers every. Single. Answer.

ENFJ: Somehow gets you to open up about your deepest childhood trauma over coffee.

ENTJ: Takes you out to dinner and grills you about your long-term goals.

ISFJ: Develops a keen interest in everything you’ve ever even remotely mentioned liking.

INFP: Writes about you on their secret blog while fantasizing that you’ve been following it all along and will write them back.

INFJ: Gives you a look that implies they are staring directly into your soul without collecting $200 or passing “Go.”

INTJ: Lets you touch them without cringing. And/or replies “Yes” when asked directly whether or not they like you. TC mark


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