Here’s What You Should Know Before You Date An ENTP

ENTPs – Or extroverted, intuitive, thinking perceivers – are anything but dull as romantic partners. This highly perceptive type is best matched with someone who uses introverted intuition as their primary function – namely INTJs and INFJs. If you’re thinking about pursuing someone of the ENTP personality type, here are a few things you should know before you do.

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. They need space to explore their many interests.

If there’s anything an ENTP loves, it’s spearheading a new project that will have a lifespan of anywhere from one day to the rest of their lives. They are energized through taking on new pursuits and rising up to challenges – and they will crush whatever (or whomever) gets in their way.

If you’re interested in winning the heart of an ENTP, you have to understand that their latest idea is always going to be the center of their world. Trying to distract or dissuade them from this pursuit will end badly for everyone. Just give them space to explore it – or better yet, take an interest in what they are doing. They’ll appreciate your understanding and you’ll become more attractive in their eyes for it.

2. They enjoy having their way of thinking challenged.

ENTPs are quick thinkers and smooth talkers – two qualities that can be difficult to keep up with. This type enjoys nothing more than examining multiple sides of a theory and their favorite way to do it is out loud, through a stimulating discussion with someone else. If you are able to effectively challenge an ENTP’s thoughts about something and allow them to view it in a different light, you will earn their respect. Intellect is direly important to this type and they seek out partners who value knowledge, analysis and intellectual growth above all else.

It’s important to note that debates and intellectual discussions are rarely, if ever, personal for the ENTP – they are simply a form of mental exercise that provides this type with energy. If you are prone to taking debates or heated discussions personally, the ENTP is probably not the partner you’re looking for.

3. They want you to grow with them.

If there’s anything an ENTP loathes, it is stagnancy. This stimulation-centered type is intrigued by change and inspired by growth – they are constantly looking for ways to improve both themselves and their environment. ENTPs are best suited with a partner who appreciates self-improvement and wants the relationship to be a place of constant growth. There is nothing worse than getting ‘comfortable’ for an ENTP – comfort is boring and boredom is the ultimate torture. They appreciate a partner who is willing to always be a little bit uncomfortable in order to continue to grow individually or as a couple.

4. You’ll need to set personal boundaries.

Pushing boundaries is at the core of the ENTP’s nature – and whether they realize they’re doing it or not, they will push yours. ENTPs seek to understand the people around them as thoroughly as possible – they will want to know the absolute intricacies of what makes you tick and then they will test what they’ve learned. Until they encounter resistance, ENTPs will push the envelope endlessly.

Let your ENTP know what you are and aren’t comfortable doing or talking about. This type needs a partner who can set firm boundaries and stand by them. They’ll admire your resolve and though they’d loathe admitting it, they’ll respect your unwillingness to bend over backwards for them.

5. Everything is theoretical to them.

ENTPs need to understand the greater principle or theory behind everything they do – which means their feelings and even their opinions will not always be straightforward. The ENTP will turn almost everything into a philosophical discussion – including conflicts that arise in your relationship. They need to reason their way to how they feel. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. It just means that they get there through analysis rather than instinctive feelings.

6. They can be incredibly blunt.

When an ENTP cares about you, they’ll tell you openly and honestly what they’re thinking – even if it’s not pretty. This type isn’t big on sugar coating the truth, unless they’re manipulating it for their own gain. While some may find the ENTP’s frank nature offsetting, others can appreciate it for what it is – a genuine form of communication that doesn’t waste time tiptoeing around the point at hand. They get right to the root of an issue and they appreciate when a partner does the same.

7. Emotional issues are best presented as challenges.

ENTPs aren’t particularly romantic by nature – but they are good at pretty much anything they put their mind to. This means if they see a lack of emotional development on their part as something that’s hindering the relationship, they will likely be keen to improve it. When you’re up against an emotional wall with your ENTP, the best way to side step it is to explain to them how your relationship would improve by working through the issue at hand. They’ll be keen to explore ways to improve your connection and strengthen your relationship as a result.

8. Their interest in the world around them does not equal a lack of interest in you.

ENTPs are often painted as flighty lovers who have no interest in maintaining a committed relationship. In actuality, this is far from the truth. It’s not that ENTPs are anti-relationships so much as they’re pro everything else. If a relationship seems like it will stand in the way of what they want out of life, the ENTP will cast it aside. If, however, they perceive a relationship as something that will challenge, push and grow them, this enthusiastic type is all in. ENTPs can be the most attentive, passionate and devoted of lovers – so long as their partners understand that change will be the relationship’s only constant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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