15 Signs That You’re Finally Getting It Together

We all go through periods where we’re scattered. Our jobs are unsatisfactory, our relationships are a mess and our priorities are all out of whack. The upside of this unfortunate reality is that just as quickly as things can change for the worst, they can change for the better. It takes a very small amount of time for everything to start falling into place – and suddenly, without warning, you’ve become someone who’s Got Their Shit Together. Here are 15 telltale signs that it’s happening to you.

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. You can afford the occasional splurge without wondering how you’re going to make rent.

Going out to dinner or attending a wedding no longer breaks the bank. You can lend a friend money if they’re in need or deal with an emergency if you have to. Your finances may not be plentiful but they’re in order and you’re proud of your ability to manage them.

2. You take pride in your appearance.

Whether you dress to the nines every day or simply throw on a t-shirt and go, you are confident in how you present yourself. Your outward appearance matches how you feel inside and it’s a damn good look.

3. You live a healthy lifestyle that gives you natural energy.

You no longer survive solely off espressos and naps. You’re taking care of yourself physically and it’s manifesting itself as a natural source of energy. You actually feel well-rested in the morning. And you can actually focus on the work you’re doing throughout the day.

4. You aren’t jealous of your friends’ success.

You don’t measure yourself up against your peers or old college classmates to determine how well you’re doing. You’re happy with where you’re at and you hope that they are too.

5. You’ve stopped taking everything personally.

You can handle the odd criticism or rejection without collapsing into a heap of self-doubt. You understand that other people’s opinions of you are just that – opinions. And they don’t have to affect how you feel about yourself.

6. You make decisions based on what you want, not on what other people want for you.

You don’t have to run every decision by an assembly line of loved ones anymore. You’re basing major decisions on what you want – not what your mother or your best friend or your significant other wants for you.

7. You show up to all of your commitments.

You don’t bail on plans last-minute because you’re tired or stressed out or didn’t plan your day properly. You’ve learned to organize your time and when you say you’ll be somewhere, you’re there. People know that you’re someone they can rely on.

8. You’re the same “You” both in and outside of work.

Within reason, you don’t have a ‘work hat’ and a ‘home hat.’ You put your heart into everything you do, which means that the same ‘you’ shows up for all of it.

9. You are proud of the home that you live in.

Regardless of how you maintain your home, you’re happy to live where you do. You maintain a space you’re proud of and having visitors is not a source of distress.

10. You don’t feel the need to defend your choices to others.

When you’re up against criticism or controversy, you are able to shake it off. You don’t feel the need to defend your decisions to those who don’t agree with them – we all make our own choices and you’re proud of yours. End of story.

11. You remember – and are prepared for – people’s birthdays/special occasions.

Does anything really say, “I have my shit together” quite as fully as mailing out somebody’s birthday gift two weeks in advance? I think not.

12. You take responsibility for your own problems.

When you’re having a bad day, you don’t look for somebody else to blame it on. Your problems are your own responsibility and you take initiative to deal with them accordingly.

13. Your relationships are healthy and supportive.

You’ve done away with competitive friendships, critical acquaintances and generally toxic relationships. You genuinely enjoy the company you keep and the love you give out is reciprocated.

14. You spend more time planning than reminiscing.

The past was great but you’re excited about the future and you’d rather focus your efforts forward. You spend more time planning for what’s next than mourning what was.

15. You’re not overly concerned about how much of an adult you are or are not.

Sometimes you’re the picture of professionalism and grace. Other times you’re ordering in pizza and watching ten straight hours of Netflix. You may not have all of the details down pat but generally speaking, you don’t feel as though you’re behind in life. You’re proud of who you are. And there’s plenty of time to keep growing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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