You Should Date A Girl Who Doesn’t Need You

Date a girl who doesn’t need you because she’s already happy with herself. She’s the one with a tightly packed schedule and a life overflowing with love. She’s the girl you find it tricky to meet up with but who gives herself fully once she’s there. She listens fully when you speak. She answers promptly when you call. She does not waste your time playing petty games because she knows where her priorities lie. She doesn’t need you to complete or fulfill her. She’s simply looking for a partner in crime.

Date a girl who puts herself first. She’s the one who knows that two halves do not make a whole and that nobody can fill in for what she’s not. She admits that she is still a work in progress and she fully understands that you are too. She’s the girl who’s always working on herself because she doesn’t want to be loved to completion – she knows she has to make herself whole.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you because she’s already comfortable alone. She will not turn to you for constant reassurance and she doesn’t need to go fishing for compliments. She values your opinion but she doesn’t require it. She wants your advice but she doesn’t always take it. She listens to your thoughts but she does not mistake them for her own because she already knows who she is and what she stands for. When you date a girl who thinks independently, you’ll learn from one another in ways you never thought to expect.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you, because she’s not afraid to ask for help. She values all the ways in which you’re different and she doesn’t need to prove things out of spite. She likes that you are strong in some of the places where she’s weak. She likes that she is brave in some of the places where you’re scared. She knows that you can help out one another without it bleeding into co-dependency, so she leans on you whenever she needs to. And she lets you lean on her too. Date the girl who knows how to trust you, because she learned to trust herself first.

Date the girl who doesn’t need you because she’s the girl who will inspire you to aim higher. To go further. To take risks you’ve been too afraid to take because you weren’t sure if they were something that you were capable of. She’s the girl who doesn’t pit her own successes against yours and who will be the first to clap for you when you win. You should date the girl who doesn’t need you because she understands that you need to go after what you want – and that happiness comes on your own terms.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you because she is the one who’ll be the best to you. She’s the one who’ll try for you, who’ll go the extra mile for you, who’ll put in the effort to understand you at your best and at your worst. She won’t let jealousy or bitterness become her. She will not hold grudges that don’t need to be held. She does not ask you to be more than you are or than you’ve promised because she loves you for exactly who you are. And she wants you to love her that way too.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you because she’s going to want you like nobody else. She’s going to show you a love that doesn’t ask, does not demand, does not beg you to be changed or revised. She’s going to want you with unforeseen strength and she’ll entice you with incredible passion. Date a girl who does not need you because nobody else is going to love you quite the way that she does. And it’s the kind of love that’s damn well worth waiting for.