25 Things To Do With Your Best Friend Before You Turn 25

1. Perfect the art of being alone together. Actually be productive when you plan to get stuff done in each other’s company. Appreciate that you have someone you can just be around without having to entertain them 24/7.

2. Binge watch an entire series of a really bad TV show on Netflix. Order in food for sustenance. Repeat.

3. Get your heart brutally broken and spend a week spooning in their bed while you try to figure out what went wrong.

4. Travel to a foreign destination and look like actual crazy people trying to navigate your surroundings.

5. Develop a crush on the same person and fight relentlessly about who’s going to go for them.

6. Realize that your relationship is more important than any romantic interest and make up from your petty disagreement.

7. Double your wardrobe by begging, borrowing and stealing each other’s clothing on a regular basis.

8. Move in together and subsequently stop hanging out with anybody except each other.

9. Hang out with each other so often that your collection of inside jokes becomes an entirely unique language that only the two of you speak.

10. Get on a first name basis with their parents and almost entirely forget that you’re not their real child.

11. Plot against their ex in such detail that it’s borderline scary.

12. Work the same job and become ‘those people’ at the office that have to be separated by fifteen cubicles if anybody wants to get work done.

13. Vow to start dieting together, go out jogging once, then order a massive pizza and agree to never use the “D” word again.

14. Force one another to apply for your dream jobs, pursue your romantic interests and otherwise move toward bigger, better version of yourselves – no matter how much you’re not feeling it at the time.

15. Move across the country/continent/world from each other and wake up at obscenely early hours of the day to go over EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of one another’s lives on Skype.

16. Openly discuss your sex lives without any fear of judgement whatsoever.

17. Help each other through those first few unbearable losses that crop up unexpectedly in your twenties.

18. Go on a double date and spend more time interacting with each other than you do with your dates.

19. Consider starting a comedy show because you are obviously the two funniest people on earth (Hey, it worked for Mindy Kaling…)

20. Get drunk and completely forget to go out because you were too busy belting out pop songs from the 90s in your living room.

21. Develop code names for literally everybody you collectively know and use them even (especially) when you’re alone together.

22. Coax the other person down from the edge of a quarter-life crisis involving purple hair dye and/or a date with an eighteen-year-old.

23. Forgive each other for any indiscretions or distractions that prevented you from being around when the other person needed you most.

24. Collectively freak out about not being where you thought you’d be at your current age.

25. Decide that it’s all going to be okay, as long as you have each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

thumbnail image – Sam Ilić

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