7 Struggles Of Being In An Undefined Relationship Around Valentine’s Day

Mary Vican
Mary Vican

So you’ve gone on a few dates, gotten to know the basic facts about each other, fooled around a little and generally had a good time. No problems dotting the horizon right? Wrong. It’s a quarter of the way through February and the most romantic day of the year is approaching. Do you celebrate? Do you not? No matter how comfortable you both are with taking it slow, there is no true stress like being in an undefined relationship around the Valentine season. A few awkward scenarios are bound to ensue.

1. When you’re asked to hang out on Valentine’s day without Valentine’s day being acknowledged

“Want to hang out on Saturday?” Is perhaps the world’s most dreaded text to receive when Saturday is, in fact, Valentine’s day. Did they just invite you on a Valentine’s date unknowingly? How awkward. Or, did they intentionally invite you on a Valentine’s Day date? You’re not sure which situation is worse.

2. To Gift or Not to Gift

What do you get someone who you’re only sort-of dating for the year’s most romantic holiday? A box of chocolates seems lame and a new lingerie set seems desperate. Of course all this is backed up by the paralyzing fear of what they’re going to get you. What if you go for a greeting card and they buy you a camera? What if you buy them game tickets and they get you a flower? The anxiety has no end.

3. Feeling pressure to define things prematurely

Neither of you are ready to put a label on it. But something about the season of hearts and flowers makes you start questioning where the relationship is going. Are you serious? Are you casual? Should you talk about it? Should you not? The whole thing makes you want to hide under a rock from January 31st – February 15th.

4. Having to explain to your friends why you’re not going to 50 shades of grey with them

“I have a date… I think?”

You’re just taken enough to be ousted from the single-girl date night but not so taken that you have real plans. You’re going to do something you’re just not sure what.

5. The mall makes you feel super self conscious

By January 31st each year, Valentine’s day has thrown up all over the mall. If you go within even a mile of the entrance, you will be accosted by a flock of insistent Hallmark employees who look at you like you have three heads when you say that you’re not doing gifts this year. By the time you leave you’ll be convinced that you’re a horrible person if you haven’t proposed by midnight on February 14th… to the person you’ve been dating three weeks.

6. Dodging your mother’s questions

“Yes, I have a Valentine’s day date. No it’s not serious. Yes I know you want Grandchildren. No you can’t meet him yet.”

7. Actively hating yourself for how much you’re obsessing

You are not normally one to obsess over holidays – Especially not this one. But by the time February 13th rolls around you kind of wish you could just go to sleep and wake up on February 15th. Your undefined relationship can stay undefined forever for all you care – as long as you can spare the stress of figuring it all out on the most romantic day of the year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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