42 Reasons Why I Worry

1. I am not saving enough money.

2. About whether or not I am at the age where I should be wearing eye cream at night.

3. That I love living alone a little too much.

4. My brain is melting from excessive screen time.

5. I didn’t experiment with enough drugs.

6. There are people in the world who hate me or, worse, think I’m annoying.

7. I’ll never be able to afford a house.

8. I’m not doing what I really want to be doing.

9. What I want to be doing is a fantasy.

10. My current relationship will be my last.

11. I’m focusing on all the wrong things.

12. Am I living it right?

13. About wiping my parents’ butts when they’re tool old to do it themselves, and how it will be totally weird and normal at the same time.

14. That it’s not really everyone else; it’s me.

15. I will never grow out of Hello Kitty.

16. About how few books I’ve read this year.

17. I will never understand my mother.

18. Fancy restaurants will always make me feel silly and immature.

19. That I am too old to be selfish.

20. I will never stop crawling into restaurant booths on my knees.

21. About moving in with my significant other.

22. I won’t follow through with my goals because it’s too hard.

23. I’ll never really know what I want to be when I grow up.

24. That I buy too many clothes for myself, and too little gifts for others.

25. The value I put on my independence is inflated.

26. I eat too much cheese.

27. My writing is actually pretty banal.

28. Dressing in nice adult clothes will be forever elusive to me.

29. I will never get my eyeliner to be perfect.

30. I will always want to order off the kid’s menu.

31. I’m too inflexible.

32. Empathy will always be difficult for me.

33. Giving up cable TV is too hard.

34. I will never understand politics.

35. My coffee table has never really gone with my end tables.

36. If I cut my hair, I’ll hate it.

37. It will be difficult for me to become pregnant whenever I’m ready.

38. I will never be ready for kids.

39. Exercise will never pleasurable for me.

40. My emotional capacity is too small.

41. That I idealize the wrong things.

42. I’ll never find another pair of glasses that fit me as well as the ones I have now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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