Why Is Cum Hot But Pee Is Not?

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks and so far it’s been going pretty well, until he asked if he could pee on me during sex. Oh. How long does it take for you to be interested in someone before you finally let them know all the kinky shit you like in bed? “You look great today — p.s. can I piss on you in the shower lol?” I told him absolutely not, pee is gross. I definitely did not want his urine anywhere near me especially if there was a chance of it splashing me in the face. Not my thing.

Then he challenged my hatred of pee with two sentences. “You let me cum on your face. How is that any different?”

He had a point. I’ve swallowed cum before but I wouldn’t go near a mouthful/face full of piss. If pee and semen come out of the same cock hole, although from different spots in the body, why did the thought of getting a little piss in my mouth or splashed in my face turn me off so much, especially when I have no issue with cum?

There are a lot of guys who have pee fetishes, who want to pee on their partners or who want their partners to urinate on them. I even once had a guy message me on Tinder who asked if I would shit on his chest if he paid me. Did not know Tinder was invented to help people facilitate their scat fetishes but, you know, whatever!

Your fetish is your fetish, and the last thing I want to do is make fun of people for what turns them on.

Piss is always seen as something private, embarrassing. You’re rushing to the bathroom because you’re worried about accidentally peeing on yourself, the moment of pissing your pants occurring just as soon as you are in front of the toilet and rushing/struggling to get your pants down fast enough. As a kid you got in trouble if you were a bed wetter, and you get even more embarrassed if you’re an adult bed wetter.

Pee is waste. It can also be degrading. You want to piss on me? WHAT DID I DO WHY DO YOU HATE ME? We piss on things we don’t like. We piss on public property to devalue it or to make a political statement, so maybe there’s a piece of me that thinks if someone wants to piss on you then it must mean they want to degrade you — not that cum is particularly empowering! Girls and gay guys know: when a guy asks to cum on your face and you if you say ‘yes’ he will get so excited and he will hold the back of your head or your chin and let it all go, insuring you are completely covered. What is it about guys getting their cum on people’s tits/faces/asses that turns them on so much?

To me, cum is exciting because it shoots out really fast and you have no idea when it’s going to shoot out or where it’s going to go or how powerful the orgasm will be for him. Cum is the surprise at the end of sex. I always feel the most connected to my man when he is coming, because that’s when I see him at one of his most vulnerable moments. That’s when his foot contorts into a weird shape and when he has a tear in his eye and when he grabs hold of me for dear life. I did that.

Cum only exists when a guy has been aroused, and it’s the product of all that tossing and pleasuring you two have been doing for the past hour. As mundane as it sounds, maybe there’s something novel in that cum only makes a special appearance during pleasure time, unlike urine which really is just the result of all the beer you’ve been drinking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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