The Gruesome Truth Behind 2008’s Biggest Pop Song (And Why You Won’t Find Any Trace Of It)

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Look Catalog

I used to work on my university campus radio station in college. We used to talk about current events around the school, any news around the surrounding town, and played requested songs for students, something our school surprisingly allowed. I remember a very weird couple of months where students who tuned into the show constantly requested a song called “See You After, Babe”, a pop song by some one-hit-wonder group called Symmetry Icon, the dumbest name for a band I’ve ever heard. But that song was huge around October and November of 2008. As one of the campus radio’s DJs, I had to play that song over like a hundred times in two months. I heard it everywhere, in malls, gas stations, on real radio stations, and I think even on MTV.

Something was weird about that song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what. I tried Googling the song and band, but nothing came up in the results for either. Not even YouTube had a single clip of the song.

I frequent an alumni Facebook page for my school, and I posted a question on there asking if anyone remembered the song. The post got a bunch of likes and a lot of people started hitting me up about things they recall about Symmetry Icon’s mysterious hit. One girl wrote to me that she couldn’t remember how it went, but that the lyrics were kind of awkward and unconventional. Another classmate told me that the song was so catchy that it was stuck in his head for like weeks.


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