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The Fear Of Being “Invisible”

When I wrote about the Hollaback Project’s street harassment video, the comments section was deluged with men insisting that they’d love to be harassed like that. I was willing to disregard these complaints – after all, most men who talk about how…

How To Have Sex Like A Gentleman

Being sexual and pursuing a sexual relationship — whether it be a one night stand, a casual hook-up, short-term dating or a long, committed relationship — doesn’t preclude being polite and respectful of others and encouraging a sex-positive outlook.

What Your Secret Sexual Desires Say About You

Accepting that you have these desires doesn’t make you sinful or wrong; it empowers you. And by empowering yourself, you’re better able to address those desires, even the dark, disturbing ones, in ways that are safe, sane, and consensual.

The Myth Of What Women Want From Men

We already have the majority of culture catering to our interests as men; it seems only natural to assume that everything is about us. But it’s that “man”-centric view that causes so many dating issues.

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